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Thread: Fees

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    Default Fees

    I charge parents by the hour/half hour their child attends but always struggle when someone wants a quarter of an hour - what do you do for this, charge exactly or round up to half an hour?

    Do you have one rate for full timers and another for part timers? If so, what do you consider part time and what do you consider full time?

    Wondering if i should structure my fees differently as more and more I am finding that people want maybe one day or a couple of mornings only etc and feel I need to be flexible to accommodate this

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    I charge by the hour, and work fees out by the rounded up half hour. But if they only want 5 1/4 hrs, that is what their contract states, but their session fee is charged at 5 1/2 hrs.

    I charge a minimum fee of 2 hours a day. I charge a higher fee fir my term time only children, as i don't charge them in the holidays.

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    I charge parents an hourly rate, everything gets rounded up to the hour when I work fees out.
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    I try to do everything by the hour or half hour, to keep things tidy, but then real life gets in the way.

    So, frinstance, I’ll contract a new starter's hours as 7am-4.30pm, then find mum is consistently late by a few minutes, so we amend the contract (and subsequent invoices) for a 4.45pm collection. Probably stupid of me, but it wouldn’t feel right to make it 5pm, and I suspect some parents would then "just pop to Tesco’s" on the way over, and wind up being even later.

    I find it hard to define "full time" in this day and age of variable work patterns. I do have a minimum daily charge and fixed rates for school runs.

    Term time only contracts are a moot point on which I can never make up my mind. On the one hand, I dislike charging when they won’t be coming, especially as I know a lot of parents moan about this, or send children to nursery when they could be at home merely because "well, we’re paying for it, so why not?" I don’t like the thought of children missing out on family life for a cash imperative.

    On the other hand, TTO clients (and I have a high proportion of such) only pay me for 3/4 of the year, which is a struggle. In the main, they are teachers who get paid for 12 months of the year and tend to hit the roof at the suggestion they get "long holidays". They claim to work a full year, so maybe I should insist they send their children so they can get on with all that "work" uninterrupted?



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