Overnight care fees
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    Default Overnight care fees

    I am a newly registered childminder and I am looking into doing overnight care but I have no idea how to charge. I am in northamptonshire.
    I am aware it will vary area to area but interested in how people charge.


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    I have only done overnight a couple of times and always only for children who I already care for and know. I have had people phone me and ask me to do overnight with no notice - how can they leave their children with strangers?

    I generally charge a flat rate of 12 hours of my normal fee - they would normally be here for longer than 12 hours eg: 6 pm to 9 am
    I know I will be asleep for some of that time but I never generally sleep well as I'm always listening out for them with the baby monitor on my bedside table.

    Most of my families have got family nearby who will babysit overnight so it's only when it's a family event that I have been asked. I once went to the parents wedding, looked after the toddler in the church and at the drinks party after and then took her home before the sit down reception, had her overnight and dropped her back to Granny's the following day - all for no charge, my wedding gift to the family.

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    I've never done overnight care in my home, but I have had minded children till I've finished work and then taken child to their house, put to bed/babysit, not slept well 😆 and then got up and either taken child back to my house, or babysat at their house!

    I just charged a flat babysitting rate. But now, I just recommend our old babysitter! I know that despite having her own full time job, she sleeps over at a babysitting families house once or twice every couple of weeks when parents shifts clash!

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    Depends if the Overnight hours are part of a normal “days” work for parents I charge my normal rate. If it’s a one off I charge my unsociable hours fee. If it’s regular ie once a month then I negotiate somewhere In between. I always work on my home so I know it’s safe and although my rates may seem high I’m still the same childminder when it gets dark as I am when it’s light!! Lol!



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