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Thread: Fee Increase

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    Default Fee Increase


    I started childminding in 2011 and have stuck to the fees I charge. I just been inspected and got a grade I am happy with. Would you increase your fees? And has anyone done this after their inspection?



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    I don't think getting a grade that you are happy with is a good enough reason on its own to increase your fees. As far are parents are aware you have been doing the exact job without the grading so why should they pay more for the privilege of your grading if you know what I mean? I think if you want to increase your fee then it has to cover rate of inflation etc not just ofsted grading but that's just me. No offence meant just saying it how I see it.

    I guess you could then argue that a lot of employed people EXPECT a pay rise every year so why should we.

    If you do decide to increase your fees, think really hard about it first and about the questions parents will ask. Are you only going to increase your fees for new parents or existing children.

    I think it would probable be easier to just do it for new business but its not my decision to make. Will be interesting to see others responses as I'm fairly new to this so would like to hear words from the wise lol. X

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    I agree with above I've been childminding since 2006 and only increased once! Despite my grading and what I offer
    I go by the local area I am in and what I can afford compared to my outgoings

    If you increase our price be prepared to tell parents what you are extra now for this sudden increase



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