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    I was just wondering if anyone had any experience of doing EYT or EYP at Northants Uni. They have potentially fully funded courses and I have applied but here is the problem they called me for an interview on 2nd July but I couldn't make it however they said not to worry there would probably be a mop up session later in July. I have heard nothing and when I emailed received a terse email back saying when they had another date they would let me know - my worry is I have either missed the boat or will not have time to organise things to go ahead and do it.

    Now wondering whether I should give up the concept of doing it or look for something online. Any advice/suggestions gratefully received.

    Sam x

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    sorry no idea about your area specifically. My geography is rubish but I know you are not near me as I am in Devon! I have just done EYPS through a college, and while the course itself was good and the tutors were all brilliant, the admin and process was just horrendous. They don't know what they are doing half the time, they never talk to each other and they are not used to dealing with students who are not full time students whose whole world revolve around the uni. In other words they forget that some people have jobs, responsibilities and possibly their own children - that they are not just sat there waiting for the phone call and can therefore turn up at any time! I lost count of the times i was asked to go in on a certain date with only a weeks notice or something and i just couldn;t do it without letting parents down.

    I'd be tempted to e-mail a shirty response to them pointing out what you'd been told july, as its now august your inquiry was proactive and a reasonable enough query.
    however you may not want to get off on the wrong foot so see if there is anyway you can get hold of the person running the course instead of whoever sent the e-mail. Have a chat and see if you can make an appointment.
    If not dont panic - many of them will just be on leave now until september and it may all get sorted out then. The interviews have been brought in as a compulsory part of the process - i know my uni have had to do it through their awarding body which is worcester uni.
    A lot of people were enroling in september. the uni get funding for the course so its worth them doing it and getting as many bums on seats as possible. Good luck!



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