Christmas Treasure box ideas
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    Default Christmas Treasure box ideas

    Morning all,
    I am going to put together a Christmas Treasure box for December. So far I have bead garlands, Santa cloth book, Fuzzy star, cuddly reindeer, fir cone and jingly bells. Does anyone else have any ideas please?

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    Some of the things I have planned to use are:

    plastic baubles (shiny ones that reflect their faces)
    some pine needles in a cloth bag (to smell)
    cinnamon sticks in a plastic bottle with holes in
    scrunched up wrapping paper
    snowflake sequins in a sealed plastic bag with a little water
    a big present bow
    a star cut out of shiny card

    I am really looking forward to making mine next week!

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    I have much the same in mine but my lo loves socks so I've added Father Christmas socks to mine to.
    I like the idea of cinnamon sticks in a bottle, I think I may try that idea if that's ok?

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    I have bits of tinsel, bits of a bead garland, bits of fake Christmas tree ( it seems to shred a branch every year! ), some fake snow in a little jam jar ( made last year, and still light and fluffy! ), some baubles, some old Christmas cards, a couple of stockings, a Russian doll father Christmas, a Christmas tree toy that droops when you press the base, some gift tags, some bells, a golden felt star (padded), some red felt snowflake coasters, a small wrapped present COMPLETLY wrapped in clear tape , a couple of small Christmas tins, some cloves in a little gauze bag, some cinnamon sticks in a gauze bag, some irridesent shredded plastic stuff in a gauze bag, and a couple of bits of fake holly! AND I have a gorgeous Christmas box that my secret santa came in last year its so nice, I am watching it carefully, and the minute it gets thrown around i'm taking it out!

    mine do all sorts with it!

    I have santa hats to add to the mix next week, plus some wrapped parcels numbered 1-10 plus some old Christmas cards & envelopes to write and post in postbox ( pop it in the post elc game! ... LOVE the postbox, we use it lots! rarely for the game though! )

    I also have some old rolls/sheets of wrapping paper I will put out one day and see what happens !!!
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    ooo loads of great ideas

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    Quote Originally Posted by littleDs31 View Post
    I have much the same in mine but my lo loves socks so I've added Father Christmas socks to mine to.
    I like the idea of cinnamon sticks in a bottle, I think I may try that idea if that's ok?
    My daughter used to love playing with socks when she was a one year old!



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