MP calls for later school start for summer born
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    Simona Guest

    Default MP calls for later school start for summer born

    why not for all children and follow the rest of the world
    Even better why not research the achievements of children who start formal schooling at 3 and those who start at 6??

    MP calls for later school start for summer-born children | Nursery World

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    Good questions Simona

    I've always thought summer born children were at a disadvantage. It should be a parent's decision. Some children with birthdays in summer are ready, some are not

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    My daughter is the youngest in her year (end of August) and she is the top of her class. I would have been absolutely gutted if she'd had a staggered start, our school takes full time every September if they are four. She was four and a week!

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    I really wished my daughter could start at 6 and she is a very bright spark!!

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    I have two July birthday daughters (one is 18 today) - I think 4 is too young to go to school full time but then again if you have staggered starts then the youngest who probably need the most attention and nuturing are then plonked into an established class after Easter where everyone else started in Sept or January - how can they then catch up enough to start Year 1 in September.

    My other July daughter is 25 next week - when she started school, due to government cut backs although up to then we only had a September in take, they decided that younger children would only go to school part time (mornings) from October to Christmas and then would be full time in January. How exactly this saved money I'm not sure as teacher was still there all day for the older ones - maybe they saved a few quid on some paper and crayons!

    My daughter seemed to settle quite well but then in Year 1 - was plonked into a mixed year 1 & year 2 class (no thought was taken on age, ability or friendship groups) - she was just 5 years old in a class of 5,6 & 7 year olds - she didn't cope and I took both children out (just before school went into special measures).

    I don't know what the answer is - if you don't start them until 6 then Nurseries are going to have work harder to ensure children aren't bored.

    Probably better if younger (4 year olds) just go to school in the morning and finish at lunch time - but that doesn't help working parents. I know in reception children only play in the afternoon but some children need somewhere to relax and rest.

    Anyway off for a spa day with my daughter now - I have told her we are doing an army assault course!!



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MP calls for later school start for summer born MP calls for later school start for summer born MP calls for later school start for summer born

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