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Yesterday we went to the local big park. I took A (2) and G (2.5). The weather was wonderful, cold but dry and sunny and with all the running round we did we kept nice and warm. G took his wooden sword and his main theme was "killing dragons". Well those pesky dragons were real pains....every time we went round a corner they had already run off. So we never caught up with them.

A (non verbal ?SEN) ran round like a headless chicken but i managed to keep his concentration for more than the usual nano second with a big leaf throwing exercise. Well i threw them up in the air and A ran underneath chortling. With every throw i shouted "one, two, three throw!".....after a few throws A seemed to anticipate when i would throw. He made a "ooo" noise when i shouted the "two".....i spoke to mum later and she confirmed he had done that with her, she hadnt said anything as she thought it was a fluke. Well it isnt and its another thing to put in his LJ!

We had a biscuit and a drink in the bandstand and we fed the ducks. The ducks then decided to follow us and much to the boys amusement we had to make a run for it....i dont like ducks.

I wish i had packed a sandwich for lunch and a flask for me. It wouldve been great to stay and have a nice picnic.

I think that will be the plan for next time.

The boys slept for a good 90 mins after lunch....they were exhausted.

So was I.

love wibble xxx
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  1. megangohson's Avatar
    Seems you had great fun. The park is really awesome. I went there very often.
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