Dinosaurs ROAR

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As dinosaurs have become the preferred choice of a little boy here I started the day with a tray in the playroom with coco pops and chocolate flakes, in the centre was a plastic tub of water and lots of dinosaurs. "WOW roar" was the 2 year old boys initial response and he went straight to the tray. We talked about how the dinosaurs made a crunch like the leaves on the ground when we had walked to school. The 15 month old used spoons to scoop the mixture into the tub of water and into other boxes and tubs she could find. The boy then noticed the water had changed so I talked about how the cereal's coating had come off in the water. He washed the dinosaurs then dried them and noticed that when wet the cereals stuck to the dinosaurs and himself "stuck". This activity lasted about 15 minutes of intense play. When the attention wavered I put the tray outside for storage and then brought it back in after nap time later that afternoon and play recommenced.

As it was Children in Need day we made pudsey biscuits, weighing and measuring and noticing that Paula's mixture was a little sticky so we needed "more flour pau pau". Lots of maths and science skills developing and obviously they tasted delicious when cooked :-)

Using pom poms dipped in paint both children painted circles on bear shapes. The 2 year old managed to put features on his bear with two eyes and a smile, we then put the pudsey white patch over the eye afterwards so he understood actually Pudsey had two eyes.

With lots of free play throughout the playroom we had a lovely day just staying in. Both children didn't want to go out. I had left the backdoor open several times and they had gone to the door to watch the chickens and rabbits in the pen but when I asked did they want their coat to go outside they went back to the playroom to play. We had our fresh air on the school run but I just followed their lead.
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