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Recent themes in Ofsted reports

These have been put together since the new evaluation schedule (Oct 2013) was published.

The evaluation schedule can be downloaded from here – - Ofsted document 120086

In reports from Nov 2013 onwards the focus of outstanding practice is on –
• Emotional attachments
• Individual planning
• Understanding of how children learn
• Comprehensive risk assessments
• Continuous professional development -> plans for the future
• Joint observation of the children – childminder and inspector
• Quality of teaching
• Understanding of safety
• Partnerships with parents and other settings
• Knowledge of the safeguarding and welfare requirements
• Gaps in learning are identified and supported
• Print rich environment

Actions focus on –
• Giving children more independence at meal times – letting them prepare food, serve each other, pour drinks, load the dishwasher etc
More use of the garden throughout the year (note - these reports have been written in the winter)
• Improve self evaluation to show areas of weakness
• Use more natural materials – treasure baskets with natural resources are featuring in a lot of reports so they are clearly something inspectors are looking for at the moment
• Carry out and document more evacuation drills – I know that fire drills are no longer required by the EYFS 2012 but they are clearly something inspectors are looking for
• Use Letters and Sounds Phase 1 with 3-5yr olds – this is not a requirement but there is a focus in inspections on teaching and Letters and Sounds supports this so I think it is more of a good practice judgement.

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