Life & Times of a playroom

hopefully, a description of what goes on in the playroom and the adventures we have there!

  1. the week before christmas ...

    by , 21-12-2012 at 10:09 PM (Life & Times of a playroom)
    Well, Father Christmas continued to fly his sleigh around the playroom and deliver his presents, the children even pretended to go to sleep so that Father Christmas could deliver his presents. A is going to be a wonderful actor when he grows up ... he had to play every part there was, and direct everyone as well.

    We've also had alot of fun with the pretend snow again this week. I added some silicone cake cases, an ice cube tray, some plastic spoons and some christmas beading cut ...

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  2. Father Christmas comes to visit .....

    by , 18-12-2012 at 09:06 PM (Life & Times of a playroom)
    I put a pile of wrapped (empty) boxes on the playroom floor as well as other activities ( posting letters & cards, counting & sorting games, tea set etc )

    Mindee A saw the boxes & his eyes lit up. He built a tower with them and then rushed of to get a little chair and put it in front of the presents. He found the cuddly reindeer from the christmas box, and a colourful scarf from the dressing up stand ... He carefully put the scarf around the presents on the floor and onto ...
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  3. hours of fun with pretend snow

    by , 13-12-2012 at 01:01 PM (Life & Times of a playroom)
    as it is in minus figures here, the LOs are finding it too bitter to be outside, so i made some pretend snow.

    everyone watched amazed as the powder and water mixed and grew into SNOW!

    the LOs have made houses and dens for polar bears and penguins, tracks & prints and roads.

    we counted the number of spades, rakes & scoops; discussed colour and shape and made patterns.

    we talked about countries where it is snowy and cold all the ...
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  4. Christmas in the playroom!

    by , 09-12-2012 at 12:17 PM (Life & Times of a playroom)
    Another week has flown by!

    At the beginning of the week i got out the christmas activities - little people nativity scene, father christmas advent calendar ( this has stickers (enough for each child!) every day to decorate the paper tree on the cupboard door ), nativity advent calendar that has a craft activity to do after school each day, a sensory tray filled with christmas objects to explore and investigate, christmas books in the book case and some baubles to peg on a line. i ...
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  5. end of week 1

    by , 30-11-2012 at 04:15 PM (Life & Times of a playroom)
    well, everyone has enjoyed the playroom. schoolies looked in the cupboards and said "WOW! you do have alot of toys!"

    LOs have explored the sensory tray, doing some lovely sorting, weighing & measuring. the schoolies turned it into a chocolate factory!

    the train track has been all over the floor, the mat has been the sea & we've been fish swimming in it, and we've rowed on it, looking out for that crocodile - then screaming with delight!
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