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Father Christmas comes to visit .....

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I put a pile of wrapped (empty) boxes on the playroom floor as well as other activities ( posting letters & cards, counting & sorting games, tea set etc )

Mindee A saw the boxes & his eyes lit up. He built a tower with them and then rushed of to get a little chair and put it in front of the presents. He found the cuddly reindeer from the christmas box, and a colourful scarf from the dressing up stand ... He carefully put the scarf around the presents on the floor and onto the chair, the reindeer he put on the floor in front of the chair. He sat on the chair and started to narrate his play.

''Thats rudolph, he's pulling my sleigh''

''I've got presents for good boys & girls''

''lets count the presents 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ( B who was playing close by and watching A, joined in with the counting ) and put them in a pile ''

A helped to put them in a pile

''I can take them to all the good boys''

A joins in '' and good girls ''


B sits on the chair swaying from side to side, waving his arms. He turned round and picked up a present. holding it out to one side he dropped it.

''I'm dropping the presents down the chimney''

''I'm flying''

''B you can have 3 presents. you have been very good''

B said ''Thank you santa''

B picked up the reindeer to cuddle

A said '' I need the reindeer to pull my sleigh ''

B picked up the snow bear and gave it to him

A said ''No, I need the reindeer. Snow bears are not fast, reindeer are fast. You have the snow bear'' and handed the snow bear to B, who put the reindeer down. ''Thank you''

A then turned to C who was standing watching now '' C, if you are lucky, you might get a present if you are good ''

A continued to ride his sleigh and drop presents down the chimneys.

This wonderful play continued all day, with occaisonally B & C being Father Christmas and A being the reindeer!

Wish i could put a photo of the children and their faces as they were engrossed in their play, but i don't put photos of them on the internet, so here is a photo of the sleigh, reindeer & presents!
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