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hours of fun with pretend snow

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as it is in minus figures here, the LOs are finding it too bitter to be outside, so i made some pretend snow.

everyone watched amazed as the powder and water mixed and grew into SNOW!

the LOs have made houses and dens for polar bears and penguins, tracks & prints and roads.

we counted the number of spades, rakes & scoops; discussed colour and shape and made patterns.

we talked about countries where it is snowy and cold all the time.

we made up stories and acted out one of our current favoruite stories '5 little penguins slipping on the ice'

the LOs practiced sharing and taking turns and complimented each other over what they had made, done or said.

wow! we have covered so much, all in a mornings play with pretend snow!

i think father christmas and reindeer might come and visit this afternoon!
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  1. angeldelight's Avatar
    Oh we did this a few weeks ago too

    Brilliant and if you put it in the fridge even better

    Did you get yours from pound land we did

    Great fun

    Angel xx
  2. loocyloo's Avatar
    mine has been in the fridge all weekend ready for another week!

    i'm going to try it with silicone cake cases and cooking bits this week.

    i found mine in a local 'all sorts' shop, reduced from £3 to 50p i bought several tubs!

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