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Christmas in the playroom!

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Another week has flown by!

At the beginning of the week i got out the christmas activities - little people nativity scene, father christmas advent calendar ( this has stickers (enough for each child!) every day to decorate the paper tree on the cupboard door ), nativity advent calendar that has a craft activity to do after school each day, a sensory tray filled with christmas objects to explore and investigate, christmas books in the book case and some baubles to peg on a line. i also have christmas puzzles & games. i was very excited when a friend gave me some christmas signing pairs cards that came with a something special magazine! it has been good fun practising all the signs for christmas. reindeer is our favourite

we've played with and explored all the christmas activities, plus duplo & little people fairground.

we also had lots of fun making ( and playing with ) smelly glittery playdough. we have ginger with gold glitter & golden yellow colouring and mixed spice with orange glitter ( the mixed spice made the playdough a soft brown colour )
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