Fruit machines and me

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I've been bloging for over 10 years this was one of my first blogs I just wrote down how I Truely felt. I thought I post it here see what all you think

Fruit machines and me

Let me start at the beginning when I was around 4 to 5 my mother took me to Gt yarmouth and as we walk down the golden mile there where all these fruit machine arcades with all these noises and sounds. I was hooked . When I was 12 years old I walked into my local pub( to buy some Cigarettes for my dad they never worried how old I was as they know who they where for). When I was in there there was a fruit machine 5p play 1.00 jackpot WOW I thought and I started to play it. Every penny I had I spent on fruit machines I played them where ever I went all over the country you name it if there A fruit machine I could pay I world. When I turned 16 I was living with my parents and could not find work. Being unskilled then but I did get Dole money I gave my mother a bit of money the rest went on Fruit machines. I found a snooker club that had 100 jackpot so I joined never played snooker or pool just played fruit machines.If you thinking did I ever win simple answer is you never win on fruit machines at that time. I world have 70 pound go into the club win say 90 pound but instead of coming away I world play on and loose. I done this for near on 18 years from the age of 7 when they changed to tokens for the jackpot I played them more the manger of the local arcade and pub world change 30 to 40 pounds worth of tokens but I still put the money back into the machines. In the late 90s my life changed as most of you know that reading this I found my long term partner Maria at frist I did not stop playing them bad as I know it to be I world borrow money from Maria she was in residential home then But still I world try my luck she lived in Comer so give me a lot chancres to play them. Ok that a lot about how and why if you thinking do I play them know the answer is once in a while I found that know I world rather put 10 pound towards a holiday then try my luck on the fruit machines. I still like learning about how they work and if you can beat then the answer to this NO NO NO I regret playing them all those years and losing all that money YES YES YES All that money I could have saved went on loads more holidays
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