New childminder and eyt!!

New childminder advice and eyt

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Hope you have all had a relaxing Christmas!

Hi to Natalie 10 who has commented for info. It is lovely to get some comments.

Well I have been childminding for six months now and waiting for Ofsted to visit.

Natalie- are you up and running with any mindees?

Here are some tips and things that I did before I even got mindees, so I was ready to go

-start to advertise (but remember to be clear that you can't mind until you have the certificate in your hand).
-tell everyone you are now a childminder, as people will know others who are searching for minders
- if you can go on a financial/bookkeeping course (my LA did one, and was really helpful with tax, accounts etc(unless you are really good with accounts)) I found this so helpful
- make up a welcome pack to give out to potential parents when they visit, that covers all your info (except all your policies -they can be emailed to them later if they agree to care)). Also making this pack really made me think about what I was offering and wanting to offer.
- make up a portfolio with your qualifications etc into show parents.
- organise and know what toys you have available, make sure they all work and are clean
- get folder/scrap book for learning journals and daily diaries.
- talk to OH on what hours etc you are willing to have kids in the house (my mistake and OH not happy on one mindee as they are here till 7pm one night a week, and now have to sort with the parent! Which I am not looking forward to.
- sort out equipment- high chair, cot, pram, beakers, cutlery, cot sheets, change mat, etc are you cooking for children, sleep arrangements, feeding how and where will it all be stored? Do you need all this now, or can it wait?
- also decide on membership pacey or Morton and Michel?

I hope this is useful, you maybe at a different stage, if so let me know and I can post some tips on that.... hTh


  1. Tulip's Avatar
    Thanks for the tips, very useful

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