New childminder and eyt!!

Eyt phew

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Right, well a busy week as usual.

Spent all Saturday night catching up with learning journals, invoices and all paperwork, boring night, while hub had six mates over for a curry night!!

Oh well up to date for a week, put the tree up and risk assessed it!

Eyt stuff - this is getting to be a lot of work at the moment as suddenly got another email, asking for another 500 word report and to complete a survey for it! Already feel bogged now with it. Had to book two days holiday in new year to attend two courses and will get no pay for this now.

Went for lunch with a friend and she asked what I am going to do with the eyt stuff, my reply was I have no idea, let's just hope it is really recognised and can boost childminding with it.

Anyway I am really going off track with this blog as meant to be giving advice to fulfill a standard and not doing it.. So any questions you want answers to? Other than why am I doing the eyt? I can't wait until August when this is over. Really am too old to be studying at this level now. Tip to younger self- why didn't you know what you wanted to be when you were younger??

Oh well.



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