New childminder and eyt!!

Eyt here goes.

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Anyway, not so quiet week.

Had new starter and wish I hadn't now, only until July, but day two and already a pain!!!!! Live and learn! Keep smiling. He basically wants to do nothing! He has ipad at home and does that. Why can't he have tv on! No, we can play, paint, cook, park, play dough, make a castle, endless ideas and just wants to do ipad!!! Any suggestions as he starts reception in sept and his mum is concerned that he can hardly speak or know any numbers. Now I know why!
Woman rang this morning for care to start in Jan for two children, wNts pick up from home drop to school, and preschool plus odd hours care!,, explained no way I can do all that with other school runs and kids, her answer- well I don't drive!!!!! No I do but also don't have spaces, her reply, we can work around that - ah no - think Ofsted might have a word on that one!!!! Anyway, she said she really wanted to visit, I said you can but I have no spaces to suit you?. Arranged for one o'clock to visit. 1.10 phone call, to say she's busy now will pop in when she is walking past and sort care out!!! What! She is def not on the planet!!!

Also, have had nightmare with SEF and the system not recognising me Three calls to them and two emails they finally believe me that I have the correct password and the computer said no!! Will take 14 days to reset in the post!!

Let's hope I don't hear about my inspection before then.

Eyt stuff has been driving me insane, have spent another night doing it. Really getting to me now, got so much else on, and it is so time consuming. It had better be worth it. Is it Christmas yet....


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