New childminder and eyt!!


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Thank you Tulip, Im glad you enjoy reading this blog,

Well this week has been quite quiet really. One enquiry visit, one meeting, 28 hours minding, my kids, cleaned oven and wrapped half the Christmas presents, wrote Christmas cards and cleaned, plus all other boring chores.

Just been shopping and youngest moaning of sore feet, so need a trip to Clarks tomorrow, petrol run and finish Christmas shop.. Later Im off to kids party in busy soft play, and could do without that really, but on other hand when I get back OH is out for night, so my Saturday night doing end of month accounts- WOO HOO the joys.

the EYT, I spent all of Friday night trying to wade through the assignments. There seems to be a rule of making it as complicated as possible. Each assignment has to be cross reference three times on three forms and then another random form, plus another. Really fed up with it all now and cant wait for July when the assessor comes out to view me working and it will be all over.

So plan of action 7 essays to write, standards to complete, all those forms, and witness statements to get nice people to fill in for me. I think advice for anyone undertaking this is to ensure that you do some every week, otherwise you will drown under the paperwork, the placements, the supporting and leading of people and the learning journals you need to do. Hopefully this will be worth it in the end and I pass. Because at the minute I could just cry with the sheer amount of work still to do.

think I may go for a lie down before I fall down thinking about all this.....

keep reading. .. advent starts tomorrow, one piece of choc each day to get me through


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