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Had another busy week, but am disheartened as no one is commenting. So if I don't get a comment this week, I will stop blogging....

Anyway, I had a inspection from the potential cleaner and then she came on Saturday and cleaned for four hours. Well I am now looking around and it looks as if a bomb has hit here, so back to square one. Although she steam cleaned everywhere and cleaned all skirting etc, so back on top of that side, but don't think I could afford her more than once a term ...if at all....

Anyway had a strange enquiry visit. On phone the lady wanted from 5 to 7pm at night on cross over from husband finishing and her, I said that's fine. She came, but then wanted 5 to 9.30pm. I said this was too late, as have my kids, she was so pushy, wanted to start the next day without contract. I said I would do an ad hoc contract for the next day as a trial. She finally left., but after thinking about it I left her message to cancel and heard nothing back. The next day at 5 door goes. My heart was pounding as now going to have to turn her away! So thankful it was a neighbour asking about cow boots!!!!

Never had someone so pushy, and can't believe she would not want a contract for herself as well! Wonder if I can incorporate that someway into my eyt!

Have spent a whole day on eyt and still no further forward, got to get three witness statements and no idea how I am going to do this. Seven assignments to write, assessment, tour of setting from assessor. Really bogged down this week, have sent email to tutor, hoping for some light ....


  1. Tulip's Avatar
    Don't stop blogging, I enjoy reading
  2. Karen1's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tulip
    Don't stop blogging, I enjoy reading
    Thank you Tulip. I'm pleased you like it! It was meant to be an informative blog for my eyt, but feel like its going off track a bit. If nothing else it is good therapy after a hard week!!

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