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Have had a funny old week. Though very busy.

At weekend OH went mad because he complained childminding is taking over house, I went mad, but I must admit I now have two double prams (slight mis buying on my part, as didn't like the first so got another, and now can't sale first. It's brand new and people want to give me zero for it) plus single pram. oH can't understand why I need single and double! Paper everywhere, generally a bit of a mess.
So had good argument and now have deck uttered and resorted stuff- still trying to sell double pram.
Also decided to look into getting a cleaner to take the pressure off. As I am really struggling now with the eyt course and the amount of paperwork. Plus all the childminding paperwork, accounts, my children school runs, school reading, and everything else, I do in the house.
Have done my placement and now have essay to write, booklet to compete, forms to fill in, witness statements to get, upload it all.
Anyway mindee sick on Monday, so unexpected day off to get on with paperwork and ended up having six enquiries! Booked all meetings for later this week, if everyone says yes (can fit them all in as all part time, and one next August, when child moves up). Then I will be full every day. Now that sounds good, but then childminding will def take over! So think I will be sifting though them. So good week,but will all the extra work push me over the edge with trying to keep up with eyt
Oh and have got to wrap 30 presents for santa for the PTA tonight!!!
Now I am completely stressed with all that and probably will have to clean before the cleaner arrives on Thursday for a chat! Don't want her thinking I live in a mess! Lol
OH job of the week to put the bins out! Now that doesn't make me laugh!

Next week another busy week...but closer to christmas.


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