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Heello again,

Id like to say that I had a quiet week, but no extra children as inset day, then placement days-two this week. Looking at time and the childrens routines and what they do in the morning, lunch and night. Children are so honest and their replies are lovely. One- 'stay up late and watch zombies-they go like this' then stands up and shows the actions of a zombie-uummmmmm.

Have put together all my photos of the mini day that I led adn I think the children had a great day with all the shaving foam adn spaghetti, as the photos certainly show lots of tongues sticking out in concentration. and I got a lovely thank you card from the other mindees too- so thanks glad you all loved it. I enjoyed it too and may even think of hosting a christmas themed day.

Still drowning in paperwork, I would love a couple of days off to really get on top of it all and not be surrounded by to do lists and half done jobs. in the back of my miond I also have the worry that Ofsted will be coming soon and thise list need to get done.

Anyway, think this blog is going off track, so please if anyone has any comments then let me know and perhaps i can get back on track.. i do have a day off on Tuesday, but am having my hair done- as think its more important not to scare the kids with my greying hair! lol

off for cup of tea, before afternoon mindee comes.... oh in half an hour!


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