New childminder and eyt!!

Eyt childminder what a week!

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Well as the title says what a week.

Have had holiday mindees too, so extra busy, plus for eyt I have to lead a group, so got childminder and her mindees to come over and I led a sensory group!

It was fun, shaving foam, black spaghetti, painting, dress up, balloons, games, egg and cake decorating. Fun had by all and think we used a tub of hand gel and gallons of water, but everyone loved it.

The day went well and all the planning, risk assessments, shopping for stuff preparing etc paid off, as the kids loved it. Only now my other childminder has to fill in war and peace for a Witness statement -oops.

So that was good fun and feel better knowing I have done some of my course, but still feel very bogged down with it all.

Plus on childminder side I had a no show, after the woman rang to book viewing time and my kids went mad and crying and she said 'go and sort them out and text me' really thought she wouldn't reply, she did and then no show!. Annoyed, but then since this morn, two enquiries booked for next week, which would fill all my spaces and no space for her, first come, first serve..... Fingers crossed. Though when will I have time to do the housework..... Never mind.... Think I will just go to bed now, as hoping to get hour to myself tomorrow and do eyt assignment, learning journals, invoices, newsletter. Think an hour is over ambitious to get all that plus more done, oh well there is always next week. ....write soon. Any comments.....


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