1. So it Christmas time at Fussyelmos and that means lots of crafts

    So you give a childminder approx. 450 plastic cup, sellotape and a stapler.

    The end product is and the children are very chuffed with our big snowman
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  2. Getting crafty again at fussyelmos

    Well after Christmas we have been a little craft quiet - think I did so much in december that the children were crafted out.

    Well tonight I decided to do a button heart picture for mothers day.

    I do believe I can blame a member on here for the need for a button tin.

    Well what you need is a 7 by 5 photoframe from poundland. Some coloured paper. A person better than me at drawing hearts. A paintbrush and some pva glue and let the children stick the buttons ...
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  3. Brr its cold out there.................... ...............

    So this morning me and my team of artic explorers set out to find base. We saw polar bears and penguins and lots of igloos. We sent out K to be our guide and show us the way.

    Just Father Christmas must be very busy as we didnt see him of any reindeer.

    We made it base in one piece and good time.

    Lossely translated it was really cold and icy on the way to school but we made it. Just need a sprinking of snow now.

    We had a lovely morning ...
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  4. Its been quiet here at Fussyelmos handmade christmas.

    Children not being here for one thing or another. Im not complaining because its given me time to sort things out for christmas.

    Well craft activites still to do - 2 still need to make their bauble wreaths 1 their sock snowman and only 8 days to go and thats if they are here.

    Oh and I saw how to make pop up christmas cards so need to fit them in too.

    Personally I need to make the teachers their christmas presents, learn my dd how to crochet and do lots ...
  5. handmade christmas continued.

    So dh had to have the turning of the dining room into a winter wonderland pointed out to him. I took this to be a sign I need more decorations.

    So another browsing session on pinterest (did I mention I was slightly addicted) and I found this lady.


    and this was mine and the mindees attempt at them. Just wish I could cut perfect circles

    http://pinterest.com/pin/108930884708562400/ ...
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