1. life is about to get a little crazy..but bring it on

    i need to sit back and count my blessings .Yesterday me DH and 6 of my kids had a lovely day at center parcs,my eldest DD (22) has just got a job there so we can all go for the day whenever she gets her pass signed.It was great ,picnic by the lake ,swimming,canoe thingy ..wildlife ,,fab.Today im taking an hour off work to go to DH aunts funeral,she was 62 and had cancer,she leaves behind a disabled daughter of 33
    Next monday i have a 7month old starting 4 days a week and this week a 9 ...
  2. i think i need a day off :(

    I'm feeling a bit overworked at the moment.i work alternate saturdays and last saturday was a work it was a 63 hour week.I think the main problem last week was everyone wanted to either have extra hours or change days or both so my usual routine was totaly out of the window.
    On saturday i had 2 mindees,5 and 7 plus my own 4 youngest and luckily the sun was shining so i planned a lovely long walk,we live on the coast near the lake district so it really is a beautiful place to explore,anyway ...
  3. i could think of a better way to spend my day off !!!

    I have ,one of lifes small pleasures tomorrow,an unexpected day off one of my mindees swapped days and as he was the only one here i'm now childfree until school run at 3 30,BUT .....
    DO is coming ...its my own fault,she was coming in november but i fobbed her off coz i wasnt organised ,shes here to do my annual audit.
    My DO had sent me an email and i couldnt get the attatchment open ,so i asked DH to help me ,so then the lecture starts ,"why dont you learn how to do this ...
  4. let it snow

    the snow has finally reached us,we had all of about a cm this morning,there was a tiny baby snowman in the school yard was about 6inch high,was soooo cute.
    we've just got back from playgroup.only 1 LO here at the moment,another coming after school.hes currently flat out on his dog bed (we have no dog ..just dog beds).i decided i would come on the pc to do my annual audit ,got DO coming on friday and i havent looked at it yet,but as usual my fingers wandered towards this forum and ..well here ...
  5. er ... um ..never done a blog before

    full introduction ...dette aka Bernadette ,from cumbria
    what a week and its not over yet .got a 10hr shift tomorrow too.i have now got 8 mindees the youngest is just starting and is 6 months ,then 11months,20mnth 2yr ,2 1/2 yr 5yr 6yr and 7 yr and a new parent,or should i say expectant mother coming to visit sunday.with bump due in a month hoping to start after easter
    I took my new double tandem out for a spin yesterday.its a hauck something or other .nearly tipped it getting up ...

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