life is about to get a little crazy..but bring it on

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i need to sit back and count my blessings .Yesterday me DH and 6 of my kids had a lovely day at center parcs,my eldest DD (22) has just got a job there so we can all go for the day whenever she gets her pass signed.It was great ,picnic by the lake ,swimming,canoe thingy ..wildlife ,,fab.Today im taking an hour off work to go to DH aunts funeral,she was 62 and had cancer,she leaves behind a disabled daughter of 33
Next monday i have a 7month old starting 4 days a week and this week a 9 month starting,now making a total of 10 mindees plus a newborn starting after easter.I know its gonna be hard but i've got to look at what i've got and why i do it.I am healthy ,my kids are healthy and we get to spend quality time together,I'm good at my job and i know most of my parents think i'm the best thing ..ever ..LOL ..I am sooo lucky to have what i have so every day i'm going to try and tell myself this instead of thinking "oh no its monday " i need to say " i am alive and thank you "
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