i could think of a better way to spend my day off !!!

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I have ,one of lifes small pleasures tomorrow,an unexpected day off one of my mindees swapped days and as he was the only one here i'm now childfree until school run at 3 30,BUT .....
DO is coming ...its my own fault,she was coming in november but i fobbed her off coz i wasnt organised ,shes here to do my annual audit.
My DO had sent me an email and i couldnt get the attatchment open ,so i asked DH to help me ,so then the lecture starts ,"why dont you learn how to do this yourself " .... " i will when you learn to iron !!!"
Annoyingly after a joint effort,which involves me telling him the answers and him typing it up ,it only took about ten min.this could have been over and done with before xmas and i could be free all day tomorrow.
On the bright side she's not here till one ,so long hot bath followed by a couple of minutes on here (who am i kidding ) it'll still feel like a holiday,
So prepared for dettes marathon forum session with a small break about 1 o'clock
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