New childminder and eyt!!

New childminder and eyt

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New childminder and eyt!!

Hi all

I am completely new to this blogging.

A bit about me, I am a married mum of two children and a childminder (since July) I am loving it.

I have also started the eyt course

Anyway, I am completely bogged down with all the work,, plus, childminding, school run, school pta, cleaning, cooking, housework, childrens reading, lunch boxes etc etc. yawn. my life is so boring.....

Anyway, I am going off track the whole reason I am writing this and taking more time out of my day is that the eyt course wants childminders to lead and support other childminders and professionals!!!

So, last night a Saturday, I am sorting out the early maths activity in preparation for my first day of the Primary School placement... and am reviewing my maths resources...and also self evaluating as I go...

I have ....

some maths counting books
a balance monkey that you add numbers onto
money in the shop till
and not much else

So I am going to do...

So, yes the pininterest board- i am now hooked on that- (I love lists and writing lists) and this is just like a massive picture list. I started putting all the pictures of maths things and ideas I would like to do in my setting on here, stuff that is in the house and wont cost the earth.

and then, I needed another board for reading ideas

and then another board for childminding ideas..... I am hooked, think that will be a time waster....

Anyway, if you would like to view my pininterest boards and pin ideas on to them , send me your email address and I will invite you to join. Then perhaps we can post photos to show our creations-may even start a board for that!!!!!

If anyone wants some info on how I set up as a childminder then please let me know and I will write a honest blog on that. Will also keep you all updated on my journey, first day of school placement tomorrow, and am really, really nervous.....wish me luck.
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  1. Karen1's Avatar
    Please do feel free to comment and add what you would like to be discussed
  2. Natalie10's Avatar
    Hi there I'd love any advice on new childminder useful info any help advice great fully recieved xx

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