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Please HELP!!! What do people do about fees when children are sick?

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Evening all

This should be relatively simple, I have a policy and the parent in question has had a copy but I'm still getting problems.
I state in the policy and on contracts that when parents have sick children (i.e. vomiting) they should be off for 48 hours, well the parent took my advice and has called me 24 hours before bringing the child in the hope that she will not have to pay. But i didn't take the lead and say anything.

She then texts later in the day to ask if I 'understand' that she will not be paying for her child 'if he does not come in'
Well slightly too cross to text back and I was kind of caught off guard as I don't want to be rude but just upfront.

I hate it when these things happen as I have gone to the effort of policies and contract to avoid this. Please advise me.....#
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  1. Pauline's Avatar
    Ang - you have done your question as a blog but it would be better to do it as a question in the main forum as more people will see it there and you will get lots of answers.Just click below and it will take you there:

    General Childminding Chat

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