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The Matchbox Game

This game can fill many an idle moment, and all you need are empty matchboxes and a garden. Give your children a matchbox each and ask them to fill it with as many tiny things from the garden as they can - or alternatively, to find 10 different things from the garden to fit in it. For example, a leaf, a twig, a small stone or pebble, a flower petal, a piece of soil or a piece of grass.

You set a timer or a time limit, then count up who's got the most and see who wins (and maybe have a small prize up your sleeve). It's also got an educational element, as you can discuss the items they've come up with and find out what they all are

Cooking in the garden

Fill 5 or 6 plastic bowls with kitchen ingredients: one of flour, one of pasta, one of lentils, one of porridge oats, and any other dry ingredients from the store cupboard. Give them a big saucepan and a selection of cutlery - wooden spoon, table spoon, teaspoon, ladle and some plastic cups and jugs with water.

Keep the water to a small amount at a time and refill as necessary or they'll just tip it all in at a once. Perhaps keep a jug of water close to hand and get the kids to come to you for refills. If they have a toy kitchen, bring that outside and let them use it 'for real'. Do this on the grass if possible as it can leave a bit of a sticky mess on the patio but you can just sweep it up and throw a bucket of water over it. The birds will do the rest!

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This sounds like a fantastic activity for children of all ages. I can imagine all my mindees from over 8s to 11 months would love the chance to squidge about like this. And I know my DD would like it.

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