View Full Version : Halloween pumpkin

23-10-2008, 08:53 AM
You will need:

Balloons (the rounder the better)
Paper mache mix OR newspapers, flour and water
Something to stand them in to dry
Paint - lots of orange! some green and brown


Blow up the balloons to pumpkin size. Cover them with paper mache (either following the manufacturer’s instructions, or by mixing flour and water to a gloopy liquid and stripping newspaper to layer on the balloon with the flour paste) to make a roundish shape.

Let them dry. (Some products let you bake the object at 150 degrees to get it dry the same day). Pop the balloon trough the paper machie with a pin or large knitting needle.

Add more paper mache to reshape until you are satisfied with the size and shape of your pumpkin.

We found it a good idea before the paper mache gets too thick, cut out a jack o ‘lantern face.

When the pumpkin is well and truly dry, paint!

Orange spray paint is also good and does not make the balloon all soggy
Try not to soak the pain on to much

If you’ve made a stem, use the brown and green to paint it.

Use small penlight torches to light up your pumpkins

These can also be used as trick or treat bowls by cutting of the top and tying some string to the sides and putting sweets in the middle.