View Full Version : PLA raises questions on numbers interested in cms agencies

24-07-2013, 03:38 PM
This is welcome but does not give any further news that is new...I suppose we need to wait and see if the names are revealed
under the FOI


24-07-2013, 06:53 PM
At least they are being proactive as promised :D

25-07-2013, 07:34 AM
I differ slightly on this and everyone is aware that I am looking at new representation from September...if I feel any is required.

In this particular matter cms cannot have failed to notice that 50% of cms 'representing associations' are actually part of the Task and Finish Group
Here we are 6 weeks from agencies being piloted and we have the whole matter enveloped in secrecy...why?

In a 'market' any new business would be very proactive in advertising and selling their services to the very people they would want to attract as members or indeed to purchase their services...in this case childminders!!

So what is different about the interested parties that wish to pilot agencies? why is 'in the public interest' for them to remain unnamed?

Agencies have been in the news for one whole year and now someone has had to call on the FOI to know who is planning to recruit cms as their members??...something is not quite right ..in my view!

25-07-2013, 08:20 AM
I agree with you both - nothing new there, but something is better than nothing and it is bringing attention to the whole secrecy surrounding agencies. Maybe it'll prompt more people to ask questions.

I can't decide about the whole thing. Is it being kept quiet for some sneaky reason, or is it that they still haven't decided how it's going to work and are trying to cover up their incompetence?

From a business point of view, wouldn't you have thought these agencies would want to attract some established childminders? Would a parent prefer to arrange their childcare through a new, untested agency, operating with newly registered, inexperienced and uninspected childminders, or would they prefer to go to an experienced, respected childminder who has been inspected by Ofsted and who has feedback & references from happy parents? Surely agencies are going to want good childminders signed up so they can use them as a selling point? What's the point of starting up a business "selling" childminders when you've got none on your books?

EDIT: uninspected may be a word I've just made up!