View Full Version : Is Childminding right for me?

20-04-2013, 06:53 PM
Hello everyone i am new here and im hope this will be the start of a very exiting new journey for me.
I am looking into becoming a registered independent childminder so just fishing about really and guess i would like to know if anyone could tell me what their average week consists of been a childminder? I am a single mum to my little boy is 23 months old and i am just curious weather id be able to run a childminding business from my home on top of been a mum to my little one. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated thanks! :)

20-04-2013, 08:46 PM

Yes you can childmind with your own child. You are allowed 6 children under 8 years old of which max three children of pre school age at any one time of which only max one under one year old. Your child will take up one of those spaces.
An average week depends on what children I have on which days! Normally we go to a toddler group or childminding group in the morning and then maybe set up an activity in the afternoon or go to soft play farm, park etc.
There is quite a bit of paperwork to do before you start and plenty once you start. Childminders are required to follow the Early Years Foundation Stage which involves observing and planning for each child.
Hope to see you on here soon as a registered childminder. :thumbsup:

14-05-2013, 09:39 PM
Im pretty much the same as rick, out on a morning, lunch then play, do an activity or soft play on afternoons, multiple school runs, lots of different pick up times, paperwork on an evening! You can do it with a baby at home but you need to be driven, its a business and you have to work hard! All that aside i love it! Good luck! Xxx