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  1. Clarifications for 'independent' childminders
  2. Do you want to remain 'independent'?..read on
  3. Welcome to your new section of the forum!
  4. Let Govt know that you want info about independence
  5. Finding out more about what it will mean to stay independent
  6. NEW website to support independent childminders
  7. Independence & New Guidelines
  8. Local databases of CMs
  9. Contracts for Independent Childminders
  10. What do we call ourselves?
  11. Improving web / search engine hits
  12. Tell us what you want on Website!
  13. Agency FAQs
  14. New pinned threads popping up
  15. Is Childminding right for me?
  16. New adult moving in
  17. Thinking of becoming childminder
  18. Independent Childminders and training
  19. For Simona
  20. pacey name badges
  21. Helping new primary school starters settle...
  22. Childminders and agencies - the story so far...
  23. A little rant from an increasingly fed up independent childminder
  24. Supporting all
  25. northamptonshire childminders?
  26. Best links for parent info
  27. New childminder
  28. Posters and Literature to share about Saying No to Agencies
  29. New independent childminders blog
  30. Independent childminders info and guidance
  31. Concerns over future level of funding for 2 year olds
  32. Wider reforms scrutinised after ratio Uturn
  33. Sharon Hodgson questions Truss on those interested in agencies
  34. DfE 2 year old case study report...please read
  35. Ofsted inspections threaten the 2 year old offer
  36. DfE interested in engaging with nurseries on costs...
  37. 'Unseen children' Wilshaw speech and pLA response (20 June)
  38. Labour looks at employers for childcare
  39. Wilshaw wants review of EY assessmnet
  40. Truss speech at NDNA conference ...please read
  41. Ofsted latest inspection statistics (Jan-March 13)...and PLA response
  42. UKCMA...that elusive meeting with govt??
  43. C&F Bill debate.... Pacey evidence live (26 June)
  44. Spending Review 2015
  45. Early Childhood Action: an interesting conference
  46. LAs becoming agencies?
  47. PLA challenge Ofsted over inspections
  48. UKCMA feedback on their meeting with Lord Storey
  49. Membership & insurance options - independent childminders
  50. LA's own Networks and agencies
  51. A week of meetings and action
  52. Meeting with children centre
  53. Govt sidelining development matters
  54. 2 year old funding in the news
  55. Membership & insurance options
  56. Ofsted new guidance on Childcare Register (1 July)
  57. Latest from @HomeChildcare
  58. Advice on starting
  59. PLA press release on agencies ...please read (3 july)
  60. PLA responds to Wilshaw about changes in EY assessment
  61. PLA have requested information under the FoI regarding the CCommission
  62. Agencies debate by the House of Lords (2 July)
  63. PLA criticise plans to pass cms agencies costs to parents (3 July)
  64. Forming an Independent Network
  65. Ofsted: strong leadership is key to being ready for school
  66. Parents could be charged to use an agency
  67. Nurseries adopt 'no kissing' policy
  68. Parliamentary questions on agencies...please read
  69. Parents left in limbo by childminding blunder
  70. Independent childminders and business management
  71. Graham Stuart of education select committee
  72. Advertising leaflet for independent cms!
  73. Should nursery children be formally tested? Vote now
  74. IPPR survey: cms overwhelmingly against agencies
  75. IPPR: should Clegg take another stand?
  76. Letter from Truss to the LAs
  77. Childcare Commission...they search it here ..they search it there!
  78. Childcare qualifications overhaul
  79. Calling Childminders!
  80. Gove primary curriculum abolishes chldhood
  81. Under 5s need more time to play...
  82. Govt ignores call to have more focus on play in new Qualifications
  83. Gove scraps right for 4 year olds to be in full time education
  84. Family and Childcare Trust Holiday care survey
  85. Home Childcarer reports on the conference on the future of EY
  86. New Before and after school care plans expected
  87. DfE survey on parents' views on childcare
  88. more affordable childcare?!
  89. DfE new consultation on 'Regulation of Childcare'
  90. Schools to offer sleepover to help parents
  91. Oh no
  92. 'The cost of childcare' by Prof Penn and Prof Lloyd is finally published
  93. PLA broadly welcome More affordable childcare
  94. More reaction to More affordable childcare
  95. Will Truss replace Gove?
  96. Parents forced to double spend on teachers' gifts
  97. DfE Guidance for LAs is published
  98. Should childcare be provided in schools
  99. Voice The Union respond to More Affordable Childcare
  100. Important message about 2,3 and 4 year old funding
  101. Let the Govt know what you think about childminder agencies
  102. LATEST update on funding for 2, 3 and 4 year olds (23 July)
  103. PLA raises questions on numbers interested in cms agencies
  104. Gove end of term report by Stephen Twigg
  105. More Affordable Childcare...don't think so!!
  106. DfE: Evidence to inform the Childcare Commission
  107. Parents believe ratios in graduate led settings are too high
  108. Survey: what does 'school ready' mean to teachers?
  109. Northamptonshire Childminders - reply from council re: funding
  110. Accreditation for cms: what does it mean?
  111. Nurseries get legal help for inspections complaints
  112. In support of cms: You are not alone!
  113. PLA free training for members
  114. Professionals reject DfE plans to simplify staff management
  115. Peer to peer programme boosts EY practice
  116. This article is shocking...
  117. Ofsted, new culture of fear...good blog
  118. Childminder defies the nappy curriculum
  119. Another consultation: schools and EY finances
  120. Baby boom will see massive shortage of 'free childcare' places
  121. Ofsted responds to Good Provision for all consultation
  122. Building the case for 'universal childcare'
  123. Ofsted announces tougher inspections for EY
  124. PLA responds to 'tougher inspections'
  125. Nearly 100 organizations show interest in agencies
  126. PLA concerned about unfairness of Ofsted inspections
  127. Truss' letter to LAs about 2 year old funding
  128. IMPORTANT: Guidance for inspectors of EY settings
  129. Would you be put off by a young childminder?
  130. New tax free childcare: another small Uturn?
  131. @HomeChildcare: feedback from their cms event
  132. PLA responds to govt 'tax free childcare'
  133. June's blog on current Ofsted strategy
  134. @home childcare releases costs on website to get their on-going support
  135. Registration visit !!
  136. Should mothers work or stay at home? by Polly Toynbee
  137. Neil Leitch PLA CEO argues against agencies
  138. @Home Childcare additional clarification on costs to cms
  139. A chance to listen to Truss
  140. Clegg is calling for nurseries to open longer hours
  141. NDNA meets Ofsted over inspection concerns
  142. Pilot Agency
  143. IPPR report: Ofsted are making poor childcare jugments
  144. 2,3 & 4 year old funding
  145. Inspections triggered by complaints or safeguarding issues
  146. PLI: is your LA asking for a higher level of cover?
  147. IPPR report backs inspection concerns
  148. Dear Mr Clegg...
  149. Ministers demand action to overturn nursery 'cuddle ban'
  150. Nurseries take concerns over inspections to Ofsted
  151. Truss: Shaping More Affordable Childcare (Nursery World)
  152. funded early years places
  153. Is your LA still imposing conditions to draw funding? DfE response here
  154. Consultation: Greater flexibility for change of use
  155. Should Pacey or PLA seek to meet with Ofsted over inspections?
  156. Summary of the response to the consultation on LAs
  157. Are the Lib Dem in favour of agencies?
  158. #Ofsted big conversation
  159. Facebook
  160. What information should a contract have?
  161. @Home Childcare answers a question from CMs
  162. What should be done about rising childcare costs?
  163. Important for all cms: Ofsted new culture of fear and why it is dangerous
  164. PLA requests Ofsted data on inspection outcomes
  165. A reply from the Dept of Ed.
  166. Ha Ha typical!!
  167. Getting... and staying organised... tips for independent childminders
  168. HELP: Are you now able to access funding for 2,3 and 4 year olds?
  169. Wrap around care trials: message from NDNA
  170. Pacey: agencies..a flawed model on cost and quality
  171. Nursery World editor: stand firm against agencies
  172. petition: Gove urged to introduce signing in settings
  173. Will EY get a new Minister?
  174. Birmingham Serious Case Review: poor management.. LA and Ofsted fail
  175. Taking childminder concerns to Ofsted
  176. EYFS to be reviewed
  177. Help us to help you...
  178. 2 Sept 2013: is this a new chapter in childminding history?
  179. Press release by Nick Clegg
  180. Responce from DfE from my letter regarding issues with Funding
  181. "Independant" on new contracts?
  182. @Home Childcare explain what 'blended' childcare is all about
  183. Childcare can help drive the economy... agree BUT
  184. Children 'already 2 years behind at start of school'
  185. September is here!
  186. 4 Children Sue Robb talks about agencies...please read
  187. Ofsted inspection feedback
  188. DfE reply...and it is not a standard letter
  189. LAs contract to draw funding
  190. PLA raises concerns over downgrading of CCentres
  191. Enterprise Rockers...for independent childminders
  192. NEYTCO...a new organisation
  193. London conference
  194. LAs and pilot agencies
  195. PLA slams Ofsted over Children Centres inspections
  196. NWorld: letters to the editor...Truss writes on agencies
  197. DfE new DM Non statutory guidance for inspectors and providers
  198. New plans could make it easier to buy nursery premises
  199. June O'Sullivan is tired of govt 'slagging off nurseries'....please read
  200. need advice on holidays
  201. Providers warn they cannot sudsidise Clegg's childcare plans
  202. Exclusive: put your questions directly to E Truss via NWorld
  203. @Home Childcare...their costs
  204. Need advice on how to speak o parent about unruly child
  206. The govt should stop intervening in early education (The Telegraph)
  207. Petition to the DfE: Stop inappropriate policy in EY
  208. New EY groups unites over later school start
  209. E Truss: if we care about poorest children, education must start early
  210. Reply from department of education about hourly rate paid for funded places......
  211. E Truss on Newsnight tonight
  212. Please help. Struggling with knowing whay to do
  213. United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
  214. Parliamentary questions to E Truss (Sept)
  215. Why is Ofsted lashing out against primary schools?
  216. Are they breaking the law
  217. Need constitition for bank account
  218. Change the law to protect vulnerable children...please read and sign
  219. Clegg calls for an extension to the Free Entitlement
  220. Childhood and education: theorists
  221. Should the Pupil Premium be extended to EY settings?
  222. childminder agency trial
  223. How can we help you to stay independent?
  224. New Level 5 qualification for cms
  225. Student starting help!
  226. 'OFSTED Reigistered Independent Childminders'...new group on Linkedin
  228. List of companies involved in trials of childminder agencies released
  229. business account yay or nay?
  230. Ofsted complaint letter ratios
  231. AGENCIES: House of Lords debate
  232. Online registration for childcare providers
  233. Are you on Twitter? Join #EYTalking on Tuesdays
  234. AGENCIES....latest updates
  235. Making a difference between home and business.
  236. Mental health in young children
  237. Childminders should be wary of agencies...
  238. Hello everyone, and please help!!! :-)
  239. Reshuffle - will Truss be moved?!
  240. Nursery World Article - DfE gets tough on childminder funding
  241. Ministerial reshuffle under way!!!
  242. House of Lords opposing childminder agency plans as they stand currently
  243. Toddlers brain scan gives langauge insight
  244. New Ofsted inspection framework effective Nov 2013
  245. E Truss answers questions in Nursery World
  246. 3 in 10 settings downgraded following 'complaint triggered' inspections
  247. PLA urges govt to address EY sector level of 'anger and discontent'
  248. Outcomes are the 'focus' for the new inspection framework
  249. CMs agency website!!!
  250. New Shadow minister fo EY and childcare