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  1. We don't want our son to cope, we want him to thrive..
  2. Very funny...OFSTED song for teachers
  3. Enviromental health
  4. Business names
  5. Early Years manifesto
  6. Hampshire funding
  7. Permission for an older sibling to pick up younger ones
  8. 'In her own words'...Truss' that is!!!
  9. The 4 types of parenting styles...link to child development
  10. Children in nurseries more likely to have behavioural problems
  11. OFSTED gets tough on teaching, safeguarding and safety
  12. Mr Gove and his brilliant idea!
  13. Free schools versus academies
  14. An interesting article from Nursery World re:agencies
  15. E Truss will be on BBC Question Time this Thursday
  16. News from devon
  17. Telford LA Agency Trial
  18. Bournemouth Agency Trial
  19. Information for day of action Wednesday 30th October
  20. Recriutment agencies
  21. DfE survey on ratios for parents
  22. OFSTED statistics show a drop in providers including CMs
  23. PLA membership
  24. Parent and child paperwork - free information for independent childminders
  25. Penshurst Place trip
  26. OFSTED chair says 2 year olds should be in school
  27. School readiness: A conceptual framework
  28. Childcare biggest barrier to women returning to work
  29. Can Education and Care be 'separated?
  30. Buisness Name
  31. The people behind 'high quality affordable childcare'...please read.
  32. C&F Bill update
  33. What i dont get
  34. OFSTED: the sector is split in two...do you agree?
  35. Childcare cruch...fees up 30%?
  36. IPPR predict the new tax free childcare won't lower costs to parents
  37. Questions for DfE / Ofsted from independent childminders
  38. Independent childminders need answers!
  39. Put independent childminders first!
  40. UKCMA and Truss working together?
  41. Sound Foundations...a report by the Sutton Trust
  42. Sound Foundation report ...summary from NWorld
  43. SEF help.!!!
  44. Government e-petition against childminding agencies
  45. Becoming a childminder
  46. Hours changing, what do i do?
  47. Utility bills
  48. Help Please!
  49. Potential first child advice please
  50. silly question-chicken pox.....
  51. numbers
  52. Throwing toys indoors rule?
  53. Photo question
  54. Childcare.co.uk
  55. planning
  56. Inspection costs for agencies and ICMs estimated by OFSTED
  57. Mothers day craft ideas
  58. funded childcare
  59. Should I mind or not?
  60. re inspection
  61. Don't know what to do???
  62. Help...Parent takes long time to leave after collecting child!!!
  63. EY experts warn Wilshaw not to lose sight of EYFS
  64. OFSTED annual report ...already proving controversial
  65. OFSTED publishes report on 'school readiness'
  66. OFSTED: Give parents check list on how to raise their children
  67. getting hacked off with ofsted
  68. Time Management
  69. Childminding
  70. Does anyone work together with another childminder??
  71. 'Ex Inspectors 4 Early Years' ...a new blog worth following
  72. Template letter from the landlord to a childminder
  73. Childminding trade association
  74. Independent CMs - DfE reassurance
  75. Independent Childminders website
  76. Displaying information and pictures.
  77. Kids Allowed launches nanny service for parents
  78. Evening Meal
  79. Demanding 1 year old.
  80. Business account
  81. Just beginning...
  82. Childminding figures down...
  83. OFSTED will bring inspections back in-house
  84. Whoopy
  85. Tax-free childcare
  86. CMs: opposition to agencies persists (NWorld)
  87. Risk assesment help!
  88. Registration
  89. Contacting the new Education Secretary...
  90. New childcare minister is given a wish list by the EY sector
  91. Equality and diversity
  92. Feeling excied!
  93. Patio doors
  94. First Aid
  95. Potty training
  96. Quick question !
  97. Waiting for my first parent!
  98. Policies and procedures
  99. FREE documents for independent childminders
  100. Printing pictures
  101. Will the Pupil Premium incentivise you to draw funding?
  102. Dinning table
  103. suggestions for table/bench and chairs for small playroom please
  104. Risk Assessment
  105. Dbs
  106. Accounts
  107. Congratulate myself on being independent
  108. Another great blog
  109. Right.... Early years educator?
  110. Dear Sir Michael
  111. Starting out
  112. My gorgeous wedding cake!
  113. Advice needed for Mindees Mum
  114. New starters process...and assertiveness..
  115. Free posters
  116. Own children and funded places
  117. HELP!!! New baby mindee problems
  118. Number of children
  119. Kathy Brodie: Characteristics of Effective Learning
  120. 'Time outs' are hurting children
  121. Running another business from your home
  122. OFSTED intend to remove CMs data from future reports...please read
  123. New starters
  124. Ofsted and DBS
  125. OFSTED announce new inspections regime (26 Sept 2014)
  126. OFSTED brings RI inspections in-house (26 Sept 2014)
  127. fire extinguishers
  128. advice please urgently
  129. Saving brains...a grand challenge
  130. Literacy Learning Environment checklist
  131. New OFSTED Consultation: better inspections for all (Deadline 5 Dec)
  132. EY settings and others to share 'common inspection framework'
  133. OFSTED consultation: Publication of Statistics on EY providers..(Deadline 28 Nov)
  134. NUT Manifesto: Stand up for Education
  135. 2 YO diet and teeth
  136. First potential parent tomorrow
  137. Literacy:.a non-negotiable ....
  138. First Aid for all....a petition by Millie's Trust
  139. OFSTED updates updated again
  140. DfE: EY qualifications list
  141. crying one year old
  142. Weekend care request for 48hrs
  143. Funding available for initiatives that support disadvantaged children
  144. The future of childcare: school led nurseries
  145. Nursery aged children should get toothbrushing lessons
  146. Good quality documentation by Kathy Brodie
  147. DfE: hourly rates for 2 yo funding released
  148. OFSTED updates Conducting EY inspections again
  149. London Ofsted Big Conversation feedback
  150. The verdict on OFSTED: Requires Improvement?
  151. Twitter #EYTalking
  152. OFSTED updates some factsheets...3rd time!
  153. To reform education...ask a 3 year old!
  154. Lords Childcare Committee
  155. Failed inspectors lose their jobs after test (NWorld)
  156. Children's Commissioner new appointment
  157. The OFSTED problem...please read
  158. Advice on meals
  159. Have your say against Baseline Assessment
  160. OFSTED National Consultative Forum...please read
  161. Integrated review for EYFS Check at 2 and the Healthy Child programme
  162. Minister acknowledges funding frozen for 2 years due to austerity
  163. EY sector voices concerns over paid for inspections
  164. detrimental issues
  165. SEED Research: Views and experiences of CMs (DfE)
  166. Updated information for independent cms
  167. June O'Sullivan: end of the year blog
  168. First Aid could become mandatory for all nursery staff
  169. Nurseries and cms to report toddlers...
  170. Childcare providers should do more to....
  171. OBC is on the move again...
  172. Childcare Minister on Mumsnet
  173. NSPCC campaign to keep children safe online
  174. Political interference is 'damaging schools'...
  175. Help needed about a letter template
  176. Advice please
  177. Advice Please - Numbers
  178. Buildings and contents insurance
  179. A 3 year old drums with the Philarmonic Orchestra...enjoy!
  180. Can you support children in character education?...Grant available
  181. Ofsted Factsheet Help Please
  182. IMPORTANT: Confusion over rules for photos for CMs
  183. I am looking at starting up as a childminder - info, help & guidance reqd.
  184. Certificate
  185. UKCMA has stopped being a CM association
  186. DfE Guidance to LAs for EYPP Jan 2015
  187. What can you claim as expense
  188. Numbers
  189. Agency Questions
  191. New inpection framework is OFSTED most important change in history
  192. Schooling or play...what's best in EY?
  193. Separation anxiety -any ideas ??? Or experiance
  194. #EYtalking and SEND
  195. Accounts
  196. Baseline assessment
  197. NEYTCO Regional meeting
  198. Do parents over praise children?
  199. Incoming Children's Commissioner accused of 'pussyfooting' around govt
  200. Warwickshire Council's 'Local Offer' unlawful
  201. Parents call for an App for childcare
  202. Newsletter for independent childminders
  203. TES podcast on Brittish values
  204. DfE: new childcare information for parents
  205. Good news from Ofsted for independent cms!
  206. The new Common Inspection Framework
  207. Evidencing quality teaching
  208. British values
  209. PREVENT strategy
  210. funding :-(
  211. Informing parents about the baseline assessment
  212. Preparing children for school
  213. Recent updates - 6.3.2015
  214. NEW booklet for parents
  215. Ofsted Big Conversation meeting 13.3.2015
  216. First Aid training compulsory for all
  217. 'Professional love' research project by Dr Jools Page
  218. EYPP...are you ready and informed?
  219. SEND requirements... some guidance
  220. Visitor, how long before they need a DBS?
  221. Providers facing real-term funding cuts...
  222. Performance tables to include schools' childcare provision
  223. Dear colleagues...a letter from Sam Gyimah
  224. CMs Association warns of new regulatory regime
  225. Newsletter for independent childminders 03.2015
  226. Inspection outcomes Sept-Dec 2014...CMs numbers down!
  227. Updated newsletter...
  228. Movement and Marks
  229. Stop the needless paperwork
  230. Where is the thread about 'needless paperwork'?
  231. The DfE does it again...inequality for CMs
  232. David Cameron to swop politics for Early years
  233. Car seat law updated...2 April 2015
  234. Charity advises priority of cost over quality for 2 year olds in schools
  235. Integrated review at age 2
  236. EY leaders defend nurseries' education record.
  237. NHS Birth to 5: development interactive timeline
  238. Prevent duty guidance - NEW!!
  239. April newsletter for independent childminders
  240. Clingy/Crying Mindee
  241. out and about 360 double? any good??
  242. glass doors
  243. ad hoc minding/babysitting
  244. Software
  245. Updated newsletter 05.15
  246. thank you everyone
  247. Contracts & payments
  248. having 2nd thoughts advice please
  249. Variations - DfE clarification
  250. Tricky 3 year old. Any advice?