What age - dressing up?
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    Default What age - dressing up?

    Very roughly - what age to your mindees start to enjoy dressing up clothes? By dressing up clothes, I don't necessarily mean shop bought costumes - I mean multi-purpose scarves, hats, capes, bangles etc.

    Mine are all stashed away still and I don't fell the need to get them out just yet. I dabbled, but my current two year old was a bit freaked out and it's definitely not his thing. All my others are too young I think.

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    I have a 22mth old who loves all the jewellery and bags, but isn't interested in anything else. I have a 2 1/2 yr old who likes masks and an almost 4 Yr old who loves princess dresses ( I don't have any particular costumes .. just hats/waistcoats/scarves etc) she comes from home in them!

    I think it tends to depend on who else is playing and what they like doing. I put the majority of my dressing up stuff away in March 2020, and it hasn't been missed!

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    At the moment my children are all aged 2 and over. They like using the things in the dressing up basket, but don't particularly pretend play. I've got a basket of scarves, hats, bags, necklaces etc, which they help themselves to. They like the bags and will carry them round, filling them up with all sorts of random things.

    I'm always interested to see when they start to play pretend. At the moment the 2 year olds will put the hats on, because it's a hat, whereas the 4 year old will put a hat on and become someone else.

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