Good morning Friday
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    Default Good morning Friday

    Happy Friday!

    It’s a cold day here, but at least it’s bright and sunny. No work for me today but I’ve set myself the challenge of doing one sorting out job each Friday. Today it’s the turn of one of my big storage cupboards. It’s one of those cupboards that’s jammed full of stuff, most of which I never use. It’s always a bit of an adventure pulling everything out and seeing what I find

    Other than that, I haven’t really got anything planned. I’ve got a couple of magazines waiting to be read, so I might spend the rest of the day drinking coffee and flicking through those

    Enjoy your days everyone

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    Hooray it's Friday!

    We were going to head out for the day as no school runs again, it's a bit drizzly, although bright .... but as I've got a tired 3 yr old, 2 yr old who can't do anything for himself ( without crying ), 16mth old with snotty nose learning to share and a 13 mth old teething! . . It just wasn't going to go well! Weather not quite good enough to have picnic ( even with warm beans in a flask ) so we're playing in garden .... all good but because everyone is engaged in their own play, I'm not needed! Been taking photos and chatting, but they keep looking at me as of to say 'leave me alone! I've ended up eating a very nice bar of dark choc with orange from the co-op! And soggy wet 13mth has crawled onto my lap now for a cuddle!

    Enjoy your sorting and quiet day Mouse..... my utility room is become a dumping ground this week and needs a major sort out! I have a box of craft activities that I had ready for summer hols ... but as I was off, I didn't use them and I keep moving them around thinking we'll do them .... we haven't! think I'll put them away/ prep them for half term instead!

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    Happy Friday and enjoy your day off Mouse, I am very jealous ....this time next year it should be me too enjoying a day off in the week if all goes to plan.

    We have made some biscuits today and enjoyed being in the garden as its been quite sunny today. Not much planned over the weekend which is nice as we have had a couple of busy weekends.
    Pixie Dust

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    Loocyloo my utility room is on my list of jobs for today. It's also become a dumping ground.

    I've been in to town today. I desperately need some new trousers as all of mine are a bit tight and uncomfortable now, ooops. So last week I bought a pair of cords in a bigger size. I got them home - and they were still too tight. So today I took them back and got the next size up. I also got some lovely leggings from m and s. They are so comfy that I've asked DH to get them in another colour for my Christmas present.

    I also got a gingerbread house for DD's birthday. She always gets one and makes it in the run up to Christmas. I only ever buy one if it comes with a tray to make it easier to assemble. I'm just having a cuppa and watching Loose Women and then I've got to take the dog for a walk and do the utility.

    Good luck with your cupboard sorting Mouse!



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