Good afternoon Wednesday
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    Default Good afternoon Wednesday

    Today has been a really busy day, but I don't seem to have achieved much! The children have gone home happy, tired and a bit grubby, so they've clearly had fun

    My new starter was supposed to come for a settling in session today, but the poor little thing has got an ear infection so we've postponed his visit until next week. To be honest, it was so manic here today, it probably isn't a bad thing. I do like a child's first day to be as calm as possible and today was anything but calm!

    Last night I sat down to watch Bake Off, but all the family ended up walking into the room and making so much noise I turned it off. It's lovely having everyone here, but I would like a bit of peace and quiet sometimes! I'm going to watch it this evening and hope they're all stay out

    Have you all had good days? Have you been doing anything exciting?

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    We went to the zoo!

    Lovely day, except all the animals appear intent on making sure there are baby animals next year!!

    Afterschool was chaos .... I have 2 schoolies who have added an extra day and just need to get used to being here more often!

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    My poor mindee came in with a bandaged hand after having burnt it at home last night (reached up and touched an oven tray). He was such a trooper bless him. He didn't complain once. Mum didn't bring him in until 9 just to make sure he would be up for it, so it was a shorter day. We just went with the flow and did free play, and I have to confess to a bit more tv, because he was limited on what he could do and I didn't want him getting too excited.

    Loocyloo your mindees are so lucky going to the zoo with you.

    We'll be watching Bake off tonight too Mouse.

    We've just taken delivery of a new chair for the playroom (an adult chair) to replace our battered old one. This one is fabric and so I am just wondering how long it will be before a mindee wees or vomits on it!

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    Sounds like you have all had a good day......

    Maza your poor little one hope they get better get soon. Poor parents too I bet they felt awful.

    Loocyloo We love a trip to the local zoo bit not been since lockdown.....I always think about getting an annual pass but thats as far a I get!

    Mouse...Enjoy Bake Off are the same as me I love having all the family about but love having peace and quiet with 5 minutes to myself which will be 4 weeks by myself after the weekend as DH is off to work and DS2 now away at uni the rest of the family live away so next week I will be missing them all after the novelty of being home alone wears off

    We have just been for a lovely coastal walk with the pup as I finished a little bit earlier than normal so made the most of the lovely weather we had today.
    Pixie Dust

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