Good morning Monday
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    Default Good morning Monday

    Good morning everyone.

    It’s a cold and wet morning and the children are all lacking energy and enthusiasm. I did suggest we get waterproofs and wellies on and go outside, but they’re not keen. I’m going to get some paint out and see if that spurs them into action
    I had planned activities with dried leaves for today, but I hadn’t planned on it raining all weekend. I now have a soggy pile of leaves outside that are no good for leaf prints I’ve moved some into the shed to dry out so hopefully we can do that later in the week.

    Those of you who have sons/daughters who’ve started at uni, how’s it going? Have you adjusted to them not being at home yet? Have they adjusted to not having you there cooking and cleaning for them Do you think they’ll be sticking to the ‘rule of 6’ or do you reckon they’ll be out partying?

    Have good days all.

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    Good afternoon everyone, one of my little ones had a baby sibling arrive over the weekend and I expected them to come in full of excitement about being a big sister but no they were more excited about their new boots, no mention of the new baby

    We did get all wrapped up and went outside this morning the weather has brightened up this afternoon so we might head out for a walk.

    Mouse my youngest is at uni but its his 4th year( doing his masters) so has no interest in parties etc he is very happy to watch sport on his tv and is very good at looking after himself now so I am not worried about him like that just more concerned if they end up with Covid at his halls that hopefully everyone will be ok and also that everyone is able to go home for Christmas.
    Pixie Dust

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    Oh bless your mindee talking about his boots pixie dust!

    We had a lovely day. I had put out some new 'to the mindee' toys and they just happened to be perfect for him. He entertained himself for ages. Then he ate all his lunch and got himself to sleep without a tear. I was really proud of myself for having tweaked his routine slightly and seemed to have made tons of progress - then I remembered that I only actually have one mindee and so it should be really easy!

    We made duck food in the morning and then went to feed the ducks after nap. We had a wonderful walk, kicking up leaves, and then as I went to put him in his pushchair I realised that he had dog poo all over one of his wellington boots. Fortunately I hadn't put him in the pushchair and so that was still clean.

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    Hi all ... so where did today go?

    I had a prospective parent visit today. All good, and pencilled in for next September! (and maybe earlier) , I then went to see a friend for a coffee this afternoon, and then another friend came over whilst her child danced! She comes over every Monday early evening and we put the world to rights for an hour before I head off to my dance class!

    Got to decide what to do tomorrow... depends on the weather and the mood of the children!

    DS appears to be having fun at Uni. Lectures and workshop started today and apparently he has LOADS of work to do .... that will be a novelty after 6 mths! ! !
    I'm missing him, but not in a sad way. I know he's eating, just hope few veggies are also being eaten! He's in a bubble with his flat, and days they're following the rues!

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