It's a wet and wild weekend!
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    Default It's a wet and wild weekend!

    I made the mistake of taking my grandson to town this morning to get him some new clothes. It was awful - very busy, queues to get into every shop, no social distancing and lots of grumpy people. We came away with some new colouring books and pens and ingredients to make some cookies. No clothes at all!

    The weather is forecast to be the same tomorrow so I'm not planning on leaving the house all day I'm going to have a lazy day and do nothing

    What's everyone else been up to? Anything exciting planned for tomorrow?

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    It has been VILE all day!

    I had to take DD out to dance class this morning and encountered about a hundred million cyclists, travelling 2 or 3 abreast, down country lanes, in the pouring rain, apparently oblivious to the queues of traffic behind them! not to mention the multitude of tractors and assorted farm machinery and the occasional horse!

    Other than that i've stayed home and done not a lot! had lots i could do, but just couldn't really settle to anything!

    Tomorrow i really need to get some stuff sorted and maybe do a foodshop! I'm trying to decide whether now is the time to use up the bits in the freezer, and then re-fill, or just to carry on as i have been! freezer is pretty much full, and although i did have a list/plan at the start of lockdown, and even half way through lockdown ... i seem to have lost it now as i have idea what is where, apart from seemingly bag after bag of frozen spinach!

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    Yesterday the weather was awful. Didn't stop raining all day. It's raining now but is due to stop at lunchtime. My dog will be thrilled.

    DH put together a cupboard that he bought from IKEA in my playroom. I decided against a kallax unit. I haven't put anything in it yet, I'll do it gradually over the week as I'm not quite sure what will be most convenient. Currently everything is stored in the garage or random cupboards around the house. I also found a mini unit lying around and so put it in my art and craft cupboard to create a shelf, so things are a bit more accessible now.

    We had a porch fitted last Monday, and we are thrilled. It has made such a difference to the temperature downstairs and it looks so much nicer that I imagined. DH commented on how nice it would look with some Christmas decorations in there!

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    Can't believe its Sunday afternoon already! I had a visit to the hairdressers yesterday so that was nice having a bit of pampering then we went for a very muddy dog walk in the afternoon followed by a Saturday evening in front of the TV. This morning I was up quite early and got a few things done ironing etc then popped out to Argos and while I was in there DH popped over to Costa and got us both a little take away coffee (first one in such a long time ) then my mum popped over for a couple of hours then I have just been on the phone to my two boys. I do love that we can FaceTime DH is cooking a roast so I can finish off a couple of things I wanted to get done then it will be a rainy dog walk then I will have a lovely soak in the bath.
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It's a wet and wild weekend! It's a wet and wild weekend! It's a wet and wild weekend!

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