Good morning Tuesday
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    Default Good morning Tuesday

    Good morning everyone.

    We've got another cold, crisp day, although it's not quite as cold as it was yesterday. We're out in the garden now and the children are tearing around, keeping warm.

    We planted some spring flower bulbs last week so had a check on them this morning. Some of them have been dug up and were lying on the top of the soil and there's a hole in the middle of the planter. We've decided the culprit is probably a squirrel as we saw one digging in a plant pot the other week. The children were excited to think a squirrel had been there and are hoping it comes back while we're out here! I think it's very unlikely with all the noise they're making, but who knows

    Last night DH & I went out for a meal at a local pub. We were given one of their gift vouchers the Christmas before last and just haven't got round to using it. It runs out soon so we thought we'd better go and get it used. The tables were all full when we got there at 6.30pm, but by the time we left at 8pm the place was just about empty. It's no wonder a lot of these places are worried about their survival.

    I hope you're all having good days

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    Good afternoon.

    What a lovely, bright, if cold day!

    I know what you mean Mouse, our local restaurants are busy early on, but then quieter, but to be fair ... in our rural area, everyone eats early . Fish and chip shops shut by 7.30! DH and I were talking about going away for a weekend around half term .. but given that our first choice of Northumberland has just gone into more lockdown, I'm not sure it's wise. We want to support, but just don't know if we can.

    Stay warm everyone x

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    We have another wet day here, this morning it was that horrible drizzle but we got suited up and went outside anyway but now its pouring down. I am hoping it will stop for the school run later. The little ones are currently having lots of fun with the play dough, one of mine has just had a major melt down because they couldn't do something they wanted to do so I thought play dough would be a good way to release all that anger ! Child in question doesn't like being told "no" so when things don't go their way they literally scream and kick the place down.

    Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday.
    Pixie Dust

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    I'm currently in the bedroom keeping my little one company while he nods off. He doesn't need me to interact, just be there for now keeping a low profile. As I only have him at the moment I can do this for him. I realise how lucky I have been with all my old mindees who were all fab at getting themselves to sleep. I need to make sure I bring enough things up to the room that I can do quietly, as I may as well be productive.

    DH has just picked up a 3 wheeler pushchair from the charity shop. It looks fab and I'm loooking forward to testing it out later or tomorrow.

    Mouse those pesky squirrels. They used to drive me nuts at my old place - between them eating any bulb we planted and the pigeons who ate any grass seedwe planted...Here, they don't have time to eat anything as our puppy scares them away.



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