It’s the weekend!
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    Default It’s the weekend!

    What’s everyone up to this weekend? Anything exciting planned?

    I half considered a trip to Ikea but I’m not sure I want to be in anywhere so busy. The shops I’ve been into this week have proved that a lot of people have pretty much forgotten about social distancing. I was queuing up to pay in Lidl last weekend and a bloke standing behind me was so close he actually brushed against the shopping bag I was holding. It was a big bag for life that I had over my shoulder, so it stuck out a bit, but not that much! He was trying to unload his basket at the till before I’d had chance to finish unloading the trolley and move forward. I turned round to say something but he was drunk and buying more alcohol, so I decided it wasn’t worth it. I still tutted loudly though!

    Is the new “rule of 6” going to affect you much? I’ve only realised this morning how it will impact Christmas if it’s still in place by then. We’re a family of 7 with 5 of us living here and 2 living in their own homes. As the rules stand, only one of them could come for Christmas dinner. How do I chose which one? With partners and children there were actually going to be 12 of us this year, so I’m not sure what we’ll do now. I wonder how many people will stick to the rules.

    Anyway, enjoy your weekends. Have a rest and recharge your batteries ready for the week ahead

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    Morning Mouse!

    My advice is ... if you go to IKEA... go for when it opens and have a plan! We went and it was quiet early on, with everyone distancing and being careful. We made the mistake of having lunch ( never a mistake ... it was great! ) .. but after lunch it was really busy and just about like the usual scrum

    We've got friends coming for a bbq today, so i need to get a few salad bits sorted and make a pud!

    Other than that ... not alot! We were contacted by the office for national statistics a couple of months ago, asking if we'd be interested in being part of a national covid 19 survey .. blood tests etc for a month/ year ... didn't hear anything after registering and then last weekend, got a message to say they'd be with us that afternoon ... except we were 200 miles away! Apparently they'll come this weekend! Hope we get a bit more notice! I today understand and appreciate that they are busy and it's harder now everyone is at work, but why they can't just give an appointment time, I don't know!

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    Quiet weekend for us. Want to move plants around in the garden but everything is still flowering and looking good so I’m reluctant to do it. So here’s not much on my to do list.



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It’s the weekend! It’s the weekend! It’s the weekend!

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