Good morning Thursday
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    Default Good morning Thursday

    Good morning!

    Up until this week Thursday had been my busiest day, but it's now my quietest, especially as one of the 2 children is off sick. I've only got an 18 month old here today. He's the happiest little chap and a dream to look after. I've got a new reins backpack for him so we're going to go for a walk this morning and test it out. While I've got him by himself I'm going to go on a trial walk with him and see how far he can get. He's a fab walker but I always take the pushchair, just in case. It'll be good to know how far we can venture without him needing it.

    Then, while he has his sleep after lunch, I'll get on with the paperwork I was planning on doing on my day off tomorrow. It'll give me a completely free day, which will be lovely!

    Have good days everyone

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    Mouse my Thursday are the opposite, its my busiest day only due to the ages of the children. 2 x 2 years old who basically always want what the other has plus a 3 year old who happily plays alongside of them until they annoy her We have been outside most of the morning as they always seem better outside.

    I am finding having the after school children back a bit challenging as they have forgotten all the things we have in place here regards appropriate play around the younger children and just general silliness between themselves. I am hoping things will calm down once they have got used to be back here and back at school.
    Pixie Dust

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    Ooo Pixie... i share your pain about silliness of schoolies! I think mine are just excited to back, tired after school and pleased not to be at home!

    Well .. we went to the zoo this morning ... or at least! The zoo carpark!!! Just arrived and one little dot was comprehensively sick! Mum said she was off her food, but was fine! She'd been singing and chatting and v suddenly 'sick' ! VERY! Cleaned her up and headed home ( luckily only a 15 min drive! ) rang mum who arranged for gran to collect her ... typically running round right as rain when she arrived!

    Just having lunch and then i have a car seat to wash! Luckily the covers come off easily! And i have enough that I don't need it instantly!

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    Oh no loocyloo, it's amazing how much time it takes to clean up when one of them has vomited. I'd much rather spend the time playing/working with a healthy little one than cleaning up vomit in peace and quiet. I remember one dad collected his poorly child and commented on how lovely it was that I had the rest of the day to myself - little did he know! He was being nice, bless him, so I didn't enlighten him with the gory details.

    Mouse do try and get all your paperwork done so that you can have a free day tomorrow. I'm just doing the last bits of admin for my little one starting next week. I'm so out of the swing of things that everything is taking ages. I'm just trying to work out permission slips at the moment. Think I went a bot overboard with them the last time I was minding, so I need to have a read up on what is actually necessary.

    Our fence is finished, woo hoo. The garden is a bit of a mess though. They cleared away the main mess, but there are little bits of wood, and most probably nails all over the place. It's so lovely letting the dog out in the garden without a leash again. He's very happy.

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