Good morning Tuesday
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    Default Good morning Tuesday

    Is it really only Tuesday? It seems as if we should be much further through the week!

    I've just got 2 children here today as one has swapped days. One is at the "empty every box out" and "throw everything" phase. The other is at phase of grabbing as many toys as possible so no one else can have any. We had the duplo out yesterday so she pulled all the pieces over to her, circling them with her arms and saying she needed them all. We solved that issue by having individual baskets of blocks so everyone had their own. It didn't stop her trying to 'borrow' a few more though!

    Luckily the weather is good and looks to be getting even better, so we can go outside and continue the battles out there. We have the same issues outside but at least I can deal with them in the sunshine

    Have good days everyone.

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    Just popping on to say Hi whilst grapping a quick cuppa and everyone is having a rest! My eldest has been home to visit for the weekend and left this morning to travel back, he lives about 4 hours away and its been so lovely to spend time with him as we haven't been able too since lockdown and I now worry it will be a while again given the current situation with rising cases.
    Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday everyone , I have my first afternoon school run later collecting children I haven't seen since lockdown so that will be nice, hopefully they will be happy to be back.
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    Hello all ... I'm back in my happy place on the beach! Having a lovely time, with everyone just pottering and playing.

    It's cloudy, but still bright and warm enough that 3 of them have got soaked from head to toe and are still running round! But I do find children don't generally notice the cold!

    Back to school tomorrow!



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