Good afternoon Friday
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    Default Good afternoon Friday

    A bit late in the day again, but hello!

    I was up and out early this morning to go for a blood test. I'd taken for granted how easy it used to be to go and get one done. I'd take the minded children for a walk to the clinic and they'd have a lovely play in the play area while we waited for my turn and then they'd get a sticker each from he nurse for being so good. This time round I had to book an appointment, will have to go by myself, will have to wear a mask...and I've had to wait 3 weeks to get an appointment as I had to wait for a day when I had no children with me. Just one of the many changes we're having to get used to!

    I've spent the rest of the day getting all my paperwork sorted ready for the new term starting on Monday. It was a good job I went through it all as I realised I had a form missing for a new child, so I had to quickly email it to parents and get them to complete it. I've also been printing and laminating name cards. I think I'm ready now!

    Now I'm off into town for a quick wander round the shops. That's another thing that has changed so much. I've found I'm avoiding any shops where there's much of a queue and I don't browse as much as I used to. Having said that, town is much quieter than it ever used to be, which is nice for me, but maybe not so good for the shops!

    I hope you've all had good days and you're now looking forward to the weekend.

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    Gosh Mouse, that is a pain.

    Yesterday we arranged to meet DD around the corner from her school gate at home time. Unfortunately they were dismissed from a different gate on a different road. She lost her bearings and couldn't find our meeting place. I stayed in our spot whilst DH went to track her down - thank goodness we had both gone to collect. She was starting to panic by the time he found her. So she was quite flat all night. However, today she had an awesome day and is buzzing.

    Our fence is coming along nicely and looks so much nicer and more substantial than what we had before. I was supposed to be having a family round to sign a contract this morning, but the garden was in such a mess with tools, old fence panels, nails etc that I didn't think it was really safe to have a toddler there, even with myself and both his parents. In the end I ended up going to there garden and it was lovely. Such a lovely family.

    No real plans for the weekend, although I think Britain's Got Talent might be starting up again tomorrow. I wouldn't watch it myself but DD loves us watching it together.

    Excited to see some of the line up for Strictly being announced. I really like Nicola Adams, she's so smiley.

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    We spent the day at the zoo, for a mindees last day as off to school! But back for holidays.

    Poor DD Maza, hope today went better xx

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    Evening ....Today seems to have gone so quick I seem to have spent half the day on the phone sorting out one families funding issue then getting arrangements in place for school runs on Monday as new drop off systems are in place at the school.

    Time to relax and enjoy the weekend before the chaos of school runs begins but I am sure it will be fine ..... I have so enjoyed not doing them !
    Pixie Dust

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