Good morning Thursday
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    Default Good morning Thursday

    I’ve got a very busy day today (well, busy for me!) with 5 children here. I only usually have EYs children but I’ve got a couple of children for holiday cover as well until they go back to school. It’s only for a couple of weeks but that’s enough for me. Hats off to all of you who have a whole summer of big numbers and mixed ages!

    Luckily the weather is good so we’ve been in the garden all morning and the children have split themselves off into groups - the 2 schoolies playing together, the two 3 year olds playing together and the toddler doing his own thing. As long as it stays like that all day we’ll be ok

    I hope you’re all having good days.

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    Gosh that does sound like a busy day Mouse.

    I'm in the process of cleaning/preparing for a prospective parent tomorrow. We're hoping to do the meeting in the garden, but I will walk them through the house to get there. Then they will sit at the patio doors outside and so they will be able to see in to the kitchen and lounge - so everything needs to be presentable. I don't need to tell you lot that though, lol. I think I might be over analysing everything because it is the first time I have done this in years.

    I'm worried that they won't think my setting is child friendly enough yet. I'm going to put out some cars and animals because that's what he is interested in, and a little rocker and ride on toy on the lawn. I will half set up my playroom so that they can get a glimpse it as they walk past, but I haven't got small tables and chairs set up, or highchairs etc. as I am not up and running yet, so it will be a huge leap of faith on their part.

    We have decided that DH and the puppy will be on the drive as they arrive. Then I can introduce them and DH can go off for a walk with the dog. I will have to warn DH not to do his usual and launch into his life story - he's a real chatterbox and it drives me mad.

    I just want to scrub and clean and get it all done, but we still have to live in the house today and make a mess and cook.

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    Enjoy Mouse and Good luck Maza!

    I've got 5 here today ... 2 new schoolies and 3 little ones. The elder of the schoolies I knew from volunteering in school, so knew what I was letting myself in for but I didn't know the younger one at all. So far so good .... i hoping that as time goes by, they get more used to including Little ones in their play ... as all the little ones just love them, and want to be with them! I'm not expecting them to play with them all the time, but to allow them to play nearby!

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