Good morning Monday
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    Default Good morning Monday

    What a change in the weather! It’s been raining and is quite cool here, but so lovely and fresh compared to last week.

    I’ve had a change round of days this week so have got 2 children here today. We’re going to start working on a picture for one of the other children who will be leaving soon for school. I’m not normally this organised. I’d normally be trying to get it done on the last day, trying to hide it from the child who is leaving, drying it as much as I could with the hairdryer but then sending it home still dripping glue and paint

    Late last night I got my email through from HMRC to say I can claim the second part of the self employed grant from tomorrow. I had already found that out by logging in to my account, but it was reassuring to get the email as well. That’ll probably be my first job tomorrow morning and the money will keep me going for a little longer. I had hoped to be full again for September, but that’s looking unlikely now. All my previous children are coming back (apart from the one who was leaving for school anyway), but I haven’t had any new enquiries for a while now. The other local childminders are all reporting the same. It’s suddenly gone very quiet I already know of a couple of them who have given up and got other jobs and there are others who are thinking about it. I think a lot are waiting to see what happens next term.

    Anyway, enough of the doom and gloom! Have good days everyone, whatever you’re doing.

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    Mouse, if some other minders are giving up then more of the enquiries will be coming your way soon.

    It's quiet here too. When we first moved I had a few strong enquiries which would have probably been ideal, but the new house wasn't quite ready, so I didn't take them on. Since lockdown though I've had random enquiries, either wanting very long days (7am-9pm) or just a few hours. DH keeps saying it's not worth it for just a few hours, and while I used to agree, I'm getting a bit irritated by that attitude now and am just itching to get started.

    I also had one last week, where we had a few emails back and forth and I just couldn't do her hours in the end. To be honest, there were so many errors in her emails where she had obviously used predictive text that I was a bit put off. I absolutely don't mind spelling mistakes at all, or the odd typo - we're all guilty of that - but I interpreted these emails as sloppy and an indication that she doesn't see this as a professional relationships where she should proof read her basic emails. I totally understand that she probably had a baby on her lap as she was typing. She told me her profession and I just know that attention to detail would be paramount in her particular job, so rightly or wrongly I felt that she didn't feel that a childminder was worthy of the same level of respect. Her tone was a bit off too, so maybe that's what clouded my judgement a bit too.

    Chucking it down here again.

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    Good afternoon everyone, we had very heavy rain last night but the sun is back today. I am hoping to get a good nights sleep as I have been waking up so hot the last couple of nights!
    I am going to look and see how much my grant will be as normally over the holidays I have quite a few older ones but I haven't had any this summer. I am lucky that I have only lost one child moving on to school and current children have extended there hours so I don't have any spaces but this time next year is a different story though with 3 moving on to school. I haven't had any inquiries for a while now but I do find I don't have any then a sudden burst of inquiries. I am really hoping to cut down to 4 days this time next year the the 3 go to school.
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    Evening all!

    It rained this morning, hot sun this afternoon and is lovely and cool now!

    I had a flurry of enquiries a while back, but mostly for summer/autumn 2021! I'm expecting a few as we get closer to September, but I'm still unsure as to what spaces I'll actually have!



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