Good morning Thursday
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    Default Good morning Thursday

    It's a bit cold out there this morning, but I'm sure it'll warm up nicely once the clouds have disappeared. We're going to head out into the garden as soon as all the children have arrived and before it gets too hot. One of the children I have today really doesn't like hot weather and gets very grumpy if it's too warm so we'll make the most of the cold start to the day.

    Today I'm going to get the children to paint some butterfly pictures which I'll laminate and hang up outside. I'm not sure how well it'll work or how long they'll last, but I've got a bare fence along one part of the garden and thought it would be a good way to brighten it up - an outdoor art gallery We often have a display indoors which the children help to make, but I've never thought of doing one outside before.

    Last night DH and I decided we'd go out for something to eat and take advantage of the Eat Out to Help Out scheme. Obviously everyone else in the country had the same idea as we couldn't book a table anywhere! I knew it was a popular scheme but didn't realise quite how busy everywhere would be. We've decided we'll go next week instead, but will make sure we get booked in well in advance.

    Have good days everyone

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    Wow Mouse, I also didn't realise it would be that popular. I really hope it helps out a lot of businesses.

    Last night, DD and I made our first meal from our Gousto box. We made 'Sticky Ginger Beef Noodles'. It was delicious - thank goodness DD loved it too. It was so exciting opening the box and finding all the goodies there. It really didn't feel like a chore when we were cooking. Tonight we are making 'Butternut Squash, Lentil and Coconut Dal'. We can't wait - and that never happens with me and cooking. If three out of our four meals are really nice then we will order another box next week (DH is still away).

    Fussy - did you ever start up calligraphy again? What would you say are the basics that you need? I'm thinking of getting DD some calligraphy stuff for her birthday.

    Mouse, your outdoor art gallery sounds wonderful. What lucky children.

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    Hope everyone has had a good day, its been really cloudy here most of the day then the sun decided to make an appearance at 4pm. Thursday is my crazy day and I am always glad when its over!
    I am off to collect my food shop then hopefully a quiet evening. I have seen a few people use those Gusto kits and they do look good, What are the portion sizes like ?

    Tomorrow is supposed to be really hot here !
    Pixie Dust



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