Good morning Monday
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    Default Good morning Monday

    Can you believe we’re in August already? I’ve gone from never knowing what day of the week it is, to being totally unaware of what month we’re even in! We’re much further through the year than I thought we were

    Wasn’t the weather lovely over the weekend? It was sunny and hot here, but not too hot that it saps your energy and you’re too exhausted to do anything!

    DH and I went for a drive out into the countryside yesterday. We had a nice walk round then found a little cafe selling milkshakes and cakes. I don’t usually like the thick milkshakes made with ice cream, but they were actually very nice and it made a change from having coffee all the time. I also had a chocolate brownie, which looked really good but had no taste of chocolate at all. It’s a good job the milkshake made up for the disappointment of the chocolate-less brownie!

    I’m not working today but have got my grandson here, so twice as much work really I need to check if the library is open and if it is we’ll go and drop the books back that were already overdue before we even went into lockdown

    Have good days everyone and enjoy whatever you’re doing.

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    Yes, 3 rd August already the days go so quickly. 2 today and they asked to go to the woods and have a picnic. I’m okay with that. Weathers going to be go I believe and the woods will be cool.

    Have a good day everyone.

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    Mouse, enjoy your grandson, and Dragonfly, enjoy your picnic.

    DD (11) has got a friend coming round today for a garden, socially distanced playdate. Not sure how it will go - they're not quite old enough to just sit around and enjoy a gossip, but I don't want to put out tons of activities for them to be touching either.

    The puppy slept through the night last night and didn't bark once! Totally out of the blue after being such a nuisance for the past 5 nights or so.

    As DH is working away at the moment I get up with the puppy at about 7am, DD is still in bed and so I get some time to myself. I've been carrying on watching Call the Midwife. I never really watched it when it was on the telly, just dipped in and out of it, so I knew who the characters were, but recently I started watching it from the very first series and I am hooked. It's so lovely watching it by myself because I can blub away in peace at the sad/happy bits. Normally, DD and DH are nudging each other and giggling when the sad music starts. They don't half know how to ruin a moment!

    Have a lovely day everyone.



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