Good morning Thursday
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    Default Good morning Thursday

    Today is my busy day with all the children here. Isn't it typical that last night was the worst night's sleep I've had in ages and I feel tired before the day has even begun I'm already looking forward to my day off tomorrow!

    It's a bit cold this morning but at least it's dry. I was going to get the frozen rainwater blocks we made last week out of the freezer today, but I don't think there's enough sun to melt them. I thought a combination of sun, warm water, salt and hammers would be fun, but I'm not sure how enjoyable it'll be playing with ice on a cold day. I'll save that activity until we get another sunny day...and hope it's a day when all the children are here

    This evening I've got a new child coming for a quick visit. I've already been to visit them at home but they're coming to have a look around after the other children have gone home and I've had time to clean. They've seen photos so I'll walk them through to the garden, showing them where everything is, then send them back out to mum again. It seems a bit strange, but mum and child both seem happy about the way things are being done. It's made me think that maybe I don't need to do as many settling in visits as I normally would.

    You might remember I did a Covd-19 test at the beginning of the week as part of a trial. I put it in the post on Tuesday and got the results back last night, so very quick. As I expected, it was negative. I was sure it would be as I have no symptoms, but there was still a bit of doubt in my mind! It was a relief to get the email last night.

    Have good days everyone. I hope the sun is shining for you wherever you are

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    I didn't sleep to well either, I put it down to the new bedding we have just treated ourselves too, I was far too hot !!

    Glad that your test came back negative Mouse.

    I have 2 x 2 year olds this morning who are going through that stage that they want what the other one has ! oh the joys of childcare ....yesterday was such a lovely day I took 3 x 3 year olds to our local beach and the day was filled with laughter as they splashed about in the sea, today is the total opposite lots of crying and shouting "me want it!"
    Pixie Dust

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    Glad your test was negative mouse!

    Yesterday sounds like fun Pixie ...i debated going to the beach today ... but a 20mth old, just 2 and 2 1/2 is not a recipe for fun at the beach! All a touch emotional and tired! As all get up at silly o'clock! 2 1/2 yr old has gone home and the other 2 are sitting in a little step between playroom and kitchen, with a happyland character each, chatting away! No idea what they are on about, but having a great time!

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    Glad your test was negative Mouse.

    Our bathroom work (which was supposed to happen yesterday) has now been done. It was boring stuff to do with extractor fans, so nothing to stand back and admire.

    DH is going to talk to our neighbours hopefully tomorrow to tell them that I will probably be starting childminding soon (obviously re-starting for me, but they don't know that I am/was a childminder). We're not asking for permission as such, but we feel like we should let them know. Hopefully they won't have any concerns. I'm so nervous about the conversation with them. DH, bless him, has said he will do it. I'm so rubbish at conversations like that.



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