Good afternoon Monday
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    Default Good afternoon Monday

    The temperature is rising again and it looks like we’re heading for a sunny week. Today has been lovely - warm but with a refreshing breeze. I can cope when it’s like that, but I’ll be melting if it gets much hotter

    Today I’ve had a friend round for a socially distanced catch up in the garden. It’s ages since we’ve both been free on the same day so it was long overdue...we drank a lot of coffee and did a lot of talking

    After today I’ll be working for 3 days then off again for a long weekend. I’m enjoying a 3 day week and wondering if it’s something I could aim for. A sort of semi-retirement!

    Hope you’ve all had a good day

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    I was really cold this morning, but late afternoon it got quite hot.

    Now that our outdoor wall is finished we have been able to let the puppy play out by himself again and it feels wonderful. He spends huge chunks of his day just frolicking about in the garden independently, and so it has been a real pain for us (well, me) to have to take him in the garden on his lead every time he wanted to pop out. Obviously he's been having his daily walks as usual, but standing around in the garden with him several times a day was a chore. Bless him, he didn't complain, but he was bringing his toys to us every two minutes to play tug of war. Today though, he has left us alone more because he has his beloved garden back to himself.

    Our dentist phoned today to cancel DD's check-up. She was booked in to have it just as lockdown began, so they re-booked it for this week just incase they were allowed to open. They have now re-booked it for October. I wonder if we'll manage to keep this appointment.

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    Its been lovely here today just right not too hot. I only had 2 today and they played together really well where normally on a Monday everyones a bit grumpy as they have had busy weekends with their parents, lots of long walks etc.

    Maza I had a dentist appointment in May which was changed to Feb next year ! How is Cookie doing now going out in the car? We have been trying to go our regularly just so he gets used to it but he isn't keen, I think it must be a puppy thing ! If he realises we are going out in the car he will just sit in the hallway refusing to move so we have to pick him up and carry him out to the car

    Mouse I had a social distance catch up with a good friend Saturday afternoon in her garden which was lovely as we hadn't been able to meet up for such a long time both of us have had lockdown Birthdays and we normally go out for a meal when its one of our Birthdays so that's 2 meals out we have missed out on!
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    Sounds like a nice day for everyone.

    I went for a walk around our local zoo ... it was lovely!

    I'm working the rest of the week ... I'm going to be exhausted!



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